…a bit of history

"Planxty remain an important band for so many reasons. Revitalizing the Irish music scene at the lip of the 70s with a set of folk and traditional songs and tunes performed with an unusual line-up of instruments that included bouzouki, mandolin and guitars with uileann pipes, Bodhrán and tin whistle, they brought ensemble playing to new and exciting heights, and traditional music to a whole new audience. At a time when the zeitgeist pointed towards rock music and folkies were turning electric, Planxty proved there was even more exhilarating music to be culled from acoustic sounds.

The band first came together for Christy Moore's groundbreaking Prosperous album in 1970. Christy was a Kildare singer who spent much of the late-60s touring the British folk circuit. Disappointed with the lack of empathy the English session musicians had for the Irish songs on his debut album Paddy on the Road, Christy convinced producer Bill Leader to bring his mobile recording unit to Prosperous, Co. Kildare to record his second album with a band of Irish musicians of Christy's choice. They set up in the basement of his sister Anne's house (the front of which famously adorns the cover of the album) with a core band featuring Dónal Lunny, Andy Irvine and Liam O'Flynn."

Source: the "official" Planxty website.