Pecker Dunne

Pecker Dunne


Pecker Dunne (1933-2012) was born into a travelling family in Wexford around the year 1933. He used to play on a fiddle he made himself. He played outside hurling and football matches. He also busked all over Ireland, England and France. He is best known for "The Miximatosis Rabbit" and a version of "The Black Velvet Band" called "The Old Morris Van". He featured in the film Trojan Eddie with Richard Harris and Stephen Rea. Nowadays he lives in North Kerry and can he heard in Killarney playing with his teenage children. — Source: Our Lady of Lourdes National School

Pecker Dunne passed on December 19, 2012 at the age of 80.


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  • Original Releases
    • The Gatecrashers: 1967 - Capitol SQ 80.004 LP — w/Danny Doyle, Paddy Reilly & Shay Healy
    • Introducing The Pecker Dunne: 1976 - Emerald GES 1152 LP
      • re: The Very Best of Pecker Dunne: 2001 - Emerald EMCD8003 CD
    • The Tinker Man: Music Box Records MBMC 1018 Cassette
      • alt: The Tinker Man: 1987 - Music Box Records MBMC 1018 Cassette
      • re: Ireland's Own Pecker Dunne - The Tinkerman Sings: 2001 - Paddyland PLMCD1 CD
  • Notes
    • I only have one Pecker Dunne recording in my collection.
    • My thanks to John Lynch (once again) for his help with this discography.