Moving Hearts: Live 1983

Live Hearts

  • Live Hearts
    • 1983 - WEA IR 24 0230 1 LP
    • 1986 - Green Linnet ?SIF 3306 LP (USA)
    • 1995 - WEA 2292-40230-2 CD
  • Side One
    1. McBrides (Lunny/Sinnot) [1]
    2. 2-1 Freddie (Hanly/Lunny/Sinnott) [1]
    3. Downtown (Davy Spillane) [1]
    4. All I Remember (Mick Hanly)
    5. Open those Gates (Hanly/Lunny/Sinnott)
  • Side Two
    1. Strain of the Dance (J. McCarthy)
    2. What will you do About Me (Jesse Oris Farrow)
    3. Let Somebody Know (Declan Sinnott)
    4. Lake of Shadows (Lunny/Sinnot)

  • Musicians
  • Credits
    • Recorded Live by the Rolling Stones Mobile Unit at the Dominion Theatre, London, (28th Feb. 1983)
    • Engineered and Produced by: Steve Turner [2]
      1. Remixed by Dónal Lunny, Andrew Boland & John Dunford
    • Stage Sound: Dublin Rig Co.
    • Front Mix: John Dunford
    • Stage Mix: Norman Verso
    • Stage Management: Sid Isaacson
    • Lights: Steve Meany
    • Concert Promotion: Lyndy Eggleton (Prose PR)
    • Press and Promotion (Ireland) Terry O'Neill
    • Photography Colm Henry
    • Sleeve Design: The Creative Department for Live Communications Ltd.

Open those Gates


  • Open those Gates
    • 1983 - WEA 24 9845 0 EP [12"]
  • Side One
    1. Open those Gates (Hanly/Lunny/Sinnott)
  • Side Two
    1. Let Somebody Know (Declan Sinnott)
    2. Lake of Shadows (Lunny/Sinnot)

  • Credits
    • Produced by Steve Turner [2]
    • Recorded live by the Rolling Stones Mobile Unit at the Dominion Theatre, London on February 28th 1983
    • Mixed at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
    • Thanks to Lyndy Eggleton for the Promotion of the gig

Open Those Gates (Hanly, Lunny, Sinnott)

No you can't give back the time you stole away, not one week can you repay,
Not even one day.
When you say to us "You're free, we've changed our minds, you're not guilty anyway",
Is that all you can say?
Though you sent us down for seventeen months on a framed up charge
Because you needed someone to send down.
Well the truth's come home to roost and shame you all,
Behind your bench in wig and gown
Here in this town.

Better late than never, still we're only two, one man sits alone and waits,
Open those gates.
And set free someone who never was to blame,
Who returned to clear his name
He even played your game
You're the ones, you're the guilty ones it's you we have to fight
Stop beating up those innocents in the night
When the red tape of the law becomes the chain that binds,
It's time for us to say
Change it today.

  • Notes:
    1. The record label of the 12" EP (WEA 24 9845 0) credits the Producers as Steve Turner, Dónal Lunny & Pearse Dunne.
      • While the back sleeve of both the 12" EP and Hearts Live (WEA 24 0230 1) credit only Steve Turner.