Derek Sarjeant
& Hazel King

Derek Sarjeant & Hazel King


image Derek and Hazel Sarjeant sang together for 35 years during which time they built up a vast repertoire of varied songs and tunes. Both Derek and Hazel were well established as performers before joining forces.

Derek, a pioneer of the Folk Revival started Kent 's first folk club in Chatham in 1956. In 1961 he moved to Surrey and alongside Gerry Lockran, Jack Parkinson, Mick Wells and Arthur Johnson formed the Surbiton and Kingston Folk club which became one of Britain's largest folksong clubs running weekly for 16 years. Major folk singing legends from the USA and Britain and Ireland appeared at the club.

In 1962 Derek was amongst the first English folksingers to be booked at clubs in Ireland and he performed at the Fleidh in Kilrush. In 1965 he helped organise and performed at the English Folk Dance and Song Society's First National Folksong Festival.

In 1968 Derek was introduced to Hazel King an art student and folksinger. They joined together and with Graham Bradshaw they formed The Derek Sarjeant Folk Trio'.

The Derek Sarjeant Folk Trio (1968-1970) performed at clubs and concert halls around the country. They made one album before Graham moved to Coventry where he set up a successful recording company.

Derek and Hazel continued to perform as a duo, first as Derek Sarjeant and Hazel King and later as Derek and Hazel Sarjeant. They ran their folk club and worked abroad in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy and Germany.

In 1977 they were married and continued touring Britain and Europe , in particular Germany where the music scene in the 70's and 80's was thriving. In 1986 they moved to Dorset and, after a short pause in their career bringing up their two children, they did a successful tour in New England, America in the early 90's.

They continued to perform and present folk music around their area as well as making foreign tours. Tragically, after a brave fight against a rare form of cancer, Hazel died on August 12th 2003.

Source: Derek Sarjeant's website