Bob Lynch   •   From the Land of Carolan

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  • From the Land of Carolan
    • 1980 - CBS 84268 LP
  • Side One
    1. Nut Brown Maiden (Trad. Arr. Bob Lynch)
    2. Henry My Son (Trad. Arr. Bob Lynch)
    3. The Auld Triangle (Brendan Behan) & Weila Weila Waile (Trad. Arr. Bob Lynch)
    4. Step It Out Mary (Seán McCarthy)
    5. Green Fields of France (E. Bogie)
    6. An Chualain (Copyright Control)
    7. Whiskey in The Jar (Trad. Arr. Bob Lynch)
  • Side Two
    1. The Rare Old Times (Pete St. John)
    2. Irish Soldier Laddie (Pete McGuigan)
    3. Dicey Reilly, Courtin' In The Kitchen & Reilly's Daughter (Trad. Arr. Bob Lynch)
    4. Poor Old Dublin Town (Trad. Arr. Bob Lynch)
    5. The Town I Loved So Well (Phil Coulter)
    6. Danny Boy (Fred Weatherly)
    7. Old Maid In The Garret (Trad. Arr. Bob Lynch)

  • Credits
    • Produced by Jackie Hayden
    • Recorded at Windmill Studios
    • Engineer: Paul Waldron
    • Sleeve Design: McCaffery Hutton O'Rourke
    • Photography: Tony Hurst & Associates.
    • Bob Lynch would also like to express his gratitude to the following: David Duke, Frank Clark, Helen Breen, Mary Duane, and especially to Seán Kinsella of the Mirabeau Restaurant for his co-operation.
    • CBS Records would like to extend their gratitude to Wilson, Hartnell, O'Reilly for their generous co-operation during this project.

Sleeve Notes

A name from the Mists of Irish History

This is not an album of the music of Carolan. In fact none of his compositions are included. Rather the title is a reflection of the great debt owed to this man by all lovers of Irish music.

Turlough Carolan was born in 1670 and despite losing his sight in his youth, he passed the remainder of his life as a wandering musician. Many of his most popular songs and airs were written in honour of the generous hospitality he received from a series of famous patrons.

Carolan was undoubtedly the most famous composer and harpist Ireland has ever produced. Although he died in 1736 the legacy of his music has been drawn on down through the centuries by all those involved in furthering Irish music in its many forms.

For us all, Ireland is "the land of Carolan".

Bob Lynch

Bob Lynch — True Dubliner

Bob Lynch first came to the attention of the public when he was an original member of The Dubliners. But although the group were then on the brink of their international break-through, Bob's spirit lay more in his own songwriting. So sacrificing certain fame and fortune Bob left the Dubliners and set off along the dusty roads of North America.

In Canada Bob received the solo acclaim he so richly deserved. His songs were recorded by several artists, and two reached the top-sellers' charts there. As a performer he made quite a name for himself with his unique style and distinctive treatment of songs which have been battered into submission in the hands of less - subtle musicians and singers.

Now Bob is back in Dublin "the town he loves so well". He feels particularly determined that the Dublin he was born in shall retain its character and its heart.

On this album he takes us on a grand tour of Ireland - The Land of Carolan, his choice of songs taking us from Dublin to Derry, through old songs and new. with a couple of traditional instrumentals thrown in "as a bonus", and even including one of his latest compositions "Poor Old Dublin Town".