Liam Clancy   •   Kerrygold Cheddar Cheese

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  • Kerrygold Cheddar Cheese
    • 1975 (circa) - FDE 382861/2 [7"] (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Songs from the Kerrygold Irish Cheddar Gold Commerical
  • Side Two
    1. Interview with Cartan Finegan — Chief Marketing Officer and Alan Boardman — Manager UK

  • Musicians
    • Liam Clancy: Vocals & Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by John Hackney
    • Recorded by Stagesound
    • Kevin Flood: Interviewer


This is a special edition promotional 45 release taken from a radio advertising campaign.

The subject of the Kerrygold Cheddar commercial came up on Liam Clancy's messageboard with Liam himself responding: "I wish the subject hadn't come up. It was a most embarrassing experience, best forgotten — but I needed the money at the time and that's the bottom line." — Liam Clancy, September 21, 2004