The Hennessys



  • Homecoming
    • 2000 - HFG Records HFG 02 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Homecoming
    2. Newtown
    3. Cader Idris/Grisial Grwnd
    4. That's Enough
    5. Hiraeth
    6. Sweet Dreaming Sea
    7. Shores Of Patagonia
    8. Breaking The Line
    9. Lark In The Clear Air
    10. Second Honeymooners Waltz
    11. The Country I'm Leaving Behind
    12. A New Life In New York

  • The Hennessys
    • Frank Hennessy: Guitar and Vocals
    • Dave Burns: Mandolin, Guitar, Bodhrán and Vocals
    • Iolo Jones: Violin and Vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced by Frank Hennessy & Myfr Isaac
    • Recorded at Stiwdio'r Efail, Maendy, Cambridge
    • Engineered by Myfr Isaac
    • CD Cover design and layout: Dave Burns
    • Cover Photo: Slân Elin
    • Other Photos: Dave Burns, Rory Hennessy
    • Development Costs S, A, Brain A Co, Ltd.

Sleeve Notes

HOMECOMING. (F. Hennessy) — The irresistible call of family, friends and homeland.

NEWTOWN (T. Walsh/F. Hennessy) — Dave was born and brought up in this special corner of Cardiff known as 'Little Ireland': This was written as a poem by another Newtown resident, the late Tommy Walsh.

CADER IDRIS/GRISIAL GRWND (Welsh Trad.) — Cadcr Idris is an original air by the Welsh harper John Parry (Bardd Alaw). Written in Denbigh in 1804, it was composed in the style of the old Welsh harp tunes, and has been popular ever since. It was once popular in England with the title Jenny Jones. Y Grisial Grwnd or The Crystal Ground is an old Welsh harp tune. The version we play here is from a manuscript of tunes by a wandering fiddler from Anglesey, Morris Edwards, who noted it down in 1778

THAT'S ENOUGH (F. Hennessy) — A couple of years ago Frank visited Southern Louisiana to make a TV programme about the Cajuns and their music. Their simple love of life seemed to reflect in these words and Iolo and Stephen's playing just turned out this way.

HIRAETH (Welsh Trad.) — This haunting song was collected in Anglesey by J. Lloyd Williams and first published in 1933.

SWEET DREAMING SEA (F. Hennessy) — Love can be a powerful, and at times terrifying thing.

SHORES OF PATAGONIA (Harri Webb/F. Hennessy) Harri Webb's song of the Welsh emigrants who went to the New World looking for a better life and founded the Welsh colony of Patagonia in Argentina.

BREAKING THE LINE (F. Hennessy) — Frank wrote this in response to the terrible hardship being faced by so many faRMing families, especially among our friends in West Wales.

LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR (Irish Trad.) — One of the most beautiful of the Irish traditional airs. To us It symbolises Ireland's eventual and inevitable rise to freedom

SECOND HONEYMOONERS WALTZ (F. Hennessy) — A good old fashioned love song.

THE COUNTRY I'M LEAVING BEHIND (Irish Trad.) — This song of exile was a firm favourite of the people of Newtown in Cardiff and of other immigrant Irish communities.

A NEW LIFE IN NEW YORK (F. Hennessy) — Sometimes we don't realise what we have until it's too late. Hopefully not.