The Tannahill Weavers

The Tannahill Weavers: Capernaum


  • Capernaum
    • 1994 - Green Linnet GLCD 1146 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Blackbird Set: Blackley of Hillsdale/The Blackbird/The Hankie Dance/Jack Daniel's Reel/The Farmer's Daughter
    2. Capernaum
    3. The Plooboy Laddies/John Murray of Lochee
    4. The Unicorn Set: The Unicorn/Trip to Pakistan/an Andro
    5. The Braes o' Balquhidder
    6. The Hieland Sodger
    7. The Carls o' Dysart
    8. The Log Splitter Set: Caradale Bay/The Log Splitter/Calibachan/Drochaid Luideach
    9. The Sound of Taransay
    10. The Brewer Laddie/Cathkin Braes
    11. The Bergen
    12. Gray Bob's Set: Gray Bob/Cutty's Wedding/ Loch Carron/Gray Bob
    13. Captain Ward/The Streaker
    14. Hame

  • The Tannahill Weavers
    • Roy Gullane: Guitar, vocals
    • Phil Smillie: flute, whistles, bodhrán, vocals
    • Les Wilson: bouzouki, keyboards, vocals
    • John Martin: fiddle, viola, cello, vocals
    • Kenny Forsyth: highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes, whistles
  • Credits
    • Produced by the Tannahill Weavers.
    • Recorded in 1994 at ÇaVa East, Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Engineered by Nik Kinloch
    • Mastered at ÇaVa Sound Workshops, Glasgow
    • Mastering Engineer: Robin Rankin

Sleeve Notes

Many thanks to everyone who assisted in the making of this recording - in particular Nik Kinloch at ÇaVa Studios in Edinburgh for his great help and assistance in the studio and drums on track 6; to Alan MacDonald for his help in putting names to tunes; to Jess at the studio, and to Rosie for putting up with the housefull of us. As always, a special thanks to Herschel and family for their work and friendship year in and year out; to all at Green Linnet, to Detlef and Florian in Bremen, and to Maggie for all her work.

If this is the first time you have "taken the band home", welcome to our music. To those of you who have supported us over the years…a million thanks.

The Tannahill Weavers
Edinburgh, 1994