North Sea Gas

North Sea Gas: From Fields A'far


  • From Fields Afar
    • 1984 - MK Records MK2 LP
  • Track List:
    1. North Sea Gas
    2. Yesterday's Men
    3. Loving Hanna
    4. Wha Widna Fetch
    5. A Man's a Man
  • Side Two
    1. Skye Boat Song
    2. Black Black Gold
    3. Aye Waukin O
    4. News from Moidart
    5. The Shearing
    6. On St. Ronans

  • North Sea Gas
    • Dave Gilfillan
    • Colin Mackenzie
    • Colin Ramage
  • Musicians
    • Charlie Brynes: Strings
    • Duncan Findlay: Bass Guitar
  • Credits
    • Producer: Ken Richardson
    • Recorded REL Studios, Edinburgh - June/July 1984
    • Engineer: Alistair George
    • Photography: George Cocker, Inverness
    • Front Cover: Loch Tummel, Perthshire

Sleeve Notes

I first heard "North Sea Gas" playing on the radio, I like what I heard … Six months later I finally tracked them down. They invited me to a concert they were giving in the Churchill Theatre in Edinburgh. I watched the show … but I also watched the audiences' reaction as "North Sea Gas" played their hearts out before their "home" crowd. I knew then they would delight and entertain audiences where ever they played.

  • Notes:
    • My thanks to Dave Gilfillan for sending me the cover scan.