The McCalmans: The Greentrax Years
2010 - Greentrax CDTRAX 350 2-CDs


  • CD One
    1. Tullochgorum — from Peace and Plenty
    2. Isle Of Eigg — from Flames On The Water
    3. Scots Abroad — from Scots Abroad
    4. Farewell Tae The Haven — from Flames On The Water
    5. Ramblin' Rover — from Listen To The Heat
    6. All Over This Town — from Scots Abroad
    7. Hawkes And Eagles — from Flames On The Water
    8. From Greenland — from Tangled Web
    9. Highland Laddie & Roll The Woodpile Down & A Hundred Years Ago — from Songs From Scotland
    10. Corrywreckan Calling — from Coming Home
    11. Men Of The Sea — from Peace and Plenty
    12. Coming Home — from Coming Home
    13. Niel Gow's Apprentice — from Honest Poverty
    14. Highlands Tomorrow — from Where The Sky Meets The Sea
    15. The Bells Of Tghe Town — from Peace and Plenty
    16. Lady's Evening Song — from Ettrick Shepherd
    17. Twa Rexcruitin' Sergeants — from Songs From Scotland
    18. Yankee Boots — from Tangled Web
    19. Lying Truth — from Scots Abroad
    20. Far, Far From Wipers I Long To Be — from Songs, Poems and Music Of World War I
    21. Both Sides The Tweed — from Tangled Web
    22. Let's Recycle — from Coming Home
    23. Scotland's Story — from Scots Abroad
  • CD Two
    1. Festival Lights — from Festival Lights
    2. Rolling Hills of The Borders — from Ancestral Manoeuvres
    3. Victory Parade — from Coming Home
    4. Shian Road — from Flames On The Water
    5. American Accent — from Scots Abroad
    6. Pint o' Wine — from Tangled Web
    7. Wrecked Again — from High Ground
    8. Yellow on The Broom — from Keepers
    9. Still Gonna Die — from Coming Home
    10. Back of The Aisler — from Keepers
    11. Risk of Frost — from Coming Home
    12. Scotland — from Peace and Plenty
    13. The Broom o' The Cowdenknowes — from Scots Abroad
    14. (Leave Us) Our Glens — from Keepers
    15. Leaving Denmark — from Scots Abroad
    16. W.M.D — from Tangled Web
    17. Keepers — from Keepers
    18. Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands — from Hard Night's Day
    19. The Moor Road — from Coming Home
    20. The Highland Road — from Peace and Plenty
    21. Lochs of The Tay — from High Ground
    22. Strange Dawn — from McCalman Singular
    23. The 12 Folk Days of Christmas — from Scots Abroad

  • The McCalmans
  • Musicians
  • Credits

Ian McCalman
Derek Moffat
Hamish Bayne
Nick Keir
Stephen Quigg

"The Greentrax Years" is dedicated to the memory of Janet McCalman (1969-2009)

Album compiled and mastered by Peter Haigh, Pier House Studios
Layout by John Slavin
Many thanks for the photographs from: Helmuth Christensen, Douglas McCalman, Ian McCalman, Pete Heywood & Drew Aitken


The McCalmans and Greentrax Recordings association has lasted 24 years. In the recording industry this is quite unique and illustrates a remarkable and lasting relationship between band and label, based on mutual respect. Greentrax is proud to have worked with The McCalmans.

Ian D. Green

A double CD compilation of song highlights marking the folk vocal group's 24-year association with Greentrax Recordings.

The McCalmans released their first Greentrax album Peace and Plenty in 1986, the year the label was launched — it was subsequently awarded a Gold Disc by The Scottish Music Industry Association. 'The Macs', who had previously recorded with EMI and RCA to name but two major labels, intended to give Greentrax the essential 'leg-up' for the then fledgling label, but were so happy with the experience they stayed!

This compilation has been specially selected by The McCalmans and Greentrax managing director Ian Green from the many albums the band has recorded for the label. The selection clearly indicates the huge repertoire of The McCalmans, plus the songwriting strength within the band, which has only experienced two line-up changes in forty-five years.

The current line-up is Ian McCalman, Nick Keir and Stephen Quigg, however the singing and playing of Hamish Bayne and the late Derek Moffat are also included in this compilation.


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