Iain MacKintosh

Iain MacKintosh with Brian McNeill: Live & Kicking


  • Live & Kicking
    • 2000 - FMS 2089 CD
      • with Brian McNeill
  • CD One
    1. The Dallas…Two-Step/Smoky Mokes
    2. If I Had A Boat
    3. Beautiful Dreamer/Travellers Moon
    4. Generations Of Change
    5. The Bonny Wee Lass Who Never Said No
    6. What You Do With What You've Got
    7. The Hag At The Spinning Wheel/The Hook Of Holland
    8. Roses From The Wrong Man
    9. The Boy's Lament To His Dragon/The Flower Of Denmark's Winter/Kenmure's On An' Awa'
    10. The Wind And Rain
    11. The Sea Maiden/Lord Franklin/The Recruited Collier
  • CD One
    1. The Farm Auction
    2. Holyrood House
    3. The Best O' The Barley
    4. The Lacemaker/Yankee Dollar/The Trip To Marblehead
    5. I Wouldn't Change A Thing
    6. Any Mick'll Do
    7. Spanish Fandango
    8. The King Of Rome
    9. My Home/The Balkan Hills/The Entertainer
    10. Oor Hamlet/The Mason's Apron
    11. The Rowan Tree

  • Musicians
    • Iain MacKintosh
    • Brian McNeill
  • Credits
    • This was Iain MacKintosh's final recording…
    • Recorded live by Brian McNeill, 1998/99 at Folkclubs in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands