Iain MacKintosh

Iain MacKintosh: Home for a While


  • Home for a While
    • 1984 - Kettle Records KOP 14 LP
  • Side One
    1. Some Kind of Love (John Stewart)
    2. The Long Road to Perfection (Colum Sands)
    3. A Wild Utopian Dream (Alex Glasgow)
    4. Whatever You Say, Say Nothing (Colum Sands)
    5. I'll Stick on the Stamp (Iain MacKintosh)
    6. The Rolling Hills o' the Borders (Matt McGinn)
    7. Take the Children and Run (Don Lange)
  • Side Two
    1. The Ballad of Jimmy Steele (Davy Steele)
    2. Protect and Survive (John Clifton)
    3. I'm Quiet (Malvina Reynolds)
    4. Young Paul (Jeremy Taylor)
    5. Pearl Handled Pocket Knife (Fort & Hutchins)
    6. All Used Up (Bruce 'Utah' Phillips)
    7. The Greenland Whale Fisheries (Trad)
    8. Call Me the Whale (Paul Kaplan)

  • Musicians
    • Iain Mackintosh: Vocals, Banjo & Concertina
  • Credits
    • Produced and Recorded by Artie Trezise
    • Photography by Dougie Corrance
    • Artwork by John Gahagan

Sleeve Notes

Winter in Glasgow, and Home for a while … Time to relax, watch some football, catch up on the latest TV programmes and look for some new material before the next round of touring. The songs I introduce here, on a variety of subjects, some serious, some with a touch of humour, all say something that I feel needs to be said. Hope you like them.