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Will Millar

Will Millar: Celtic Reverie — Women Of Ireland


  • Celtic Reverie — Women Of Ireland
    • 1996 - Chacra CHACD 047 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Women Of Ireland:
      1. Rosheen Dubh
      2. The Women Of Ireland
      3. Star Of The County Down
      4. Suzie Maguire
    2. Bird Of Peace:
      1. Where The Moorcock Crows
      2. Ar Eirinn
    3. Spirit Of Place:
      1. The Banks Of Claudy
      2. Curragh Of Kildare
      3. Limerick Is Beautiful
      4. Spancial Hill
    4. Haunted Kenban:
      1. Blue Hills Of Antrim
      2. Lady McQuillians Lament
      3. The Longships Of Dunluce
    5. A Terrible Beauty:
      1. Boolavogue
      2. The Foggy Dew
      3. Valley Of Knockanure
    6. Seascapes & Safe Harbours:
      1. Cliffs Of Duneen
      2. Carnlough Bay
      3. Mingulay Boat Song
      4. Tyree Love Lilt
    7. Summer In The Glens:
      1. Summer Has Come
      2. Hills Of Donegal
      3. She Moved Thru The Fair
      4. Buachaill O'n Eirne
    8. Atlantic Crossing:
      1. The Parting Glass
      2. Holy Ground
      3. Farewell Shamrock Shore
      4. Women Of Ireland (Reprise)

  • Musicians
    • Will Millar: Tin Whistle, Lude
    • Ian Millar: Guitar
    • Davey Walker: Piano
    • Mary Murphy: Harp
    • Moritz O'Beum: Fiddle
    • Thomas Stendeven: Uilleann pipes
    • Denis Donnelly: Harp, Lute
    • Joyce Menting: Cello
    • Reay Sutter: Harmonica
  • Credits
    • Produced by Will Millar and John Ellis
    • Recording and Mixing Engineer: John Ellis
    • Recorded Studio: Melodeon Studios, Victoria, BC.
    • Mastering Engineer: Jean-François Chicoine
    • Mastering Studio: SND, Montreal
    • Art Directions and Design: Kenton Palamar
    • Photography: Jim Morrison
    • All song are public domain which have been adapted and by Will Millar except for "Women of Ireland" (Seán Ó Riada)

Sleeve Notes

Ian Millar: my cousin from the town of Ballymena. Guitars that sing easy and sweet.

Davey Walker: raised in the cathedral city of Armagh. Ivory keys that sparkle and create perfect arrangements to the old Ballads.

Mary Murphy: spent her first years on the harp as one of those ladies of Bunratty Castle in Limerick, Her playing conjures up those days of Mead and great feasts in the Earl Thormond Great Hall.

Moritz O'Beum: The Celtic Bohemian Fiddle croons Irelands ancient melody.

Thomas Stendeven: His peoplc came from Donegal and the Irish Pipes are his birthright. He speaks Gaelic and is a vast store of Irish Music. Philadelphia, that hot bed of Irish traditional music gave him his start on the Uilleann pipes.

Denis Donnelly: There's the breath of his native Scotland in the Lute and harp. His harp melodies graced my first Chacra release, " Lark In The Clear Aire". Denis arranges all the sweet cello melodies for our…

Joyce Menting: who performs with the Victoria Symphony and her own string quartet, "Savitri".

Reay Sutter: His little harmonica can become a Celtic Symphony when the old soul of the Celt is shaken loose.

With a Gypsy pack of penny whistles, harmonicas, Celtic harps, fiddles stringed instruments of various tunings and magical musical keyboards we wove this Celtic patchwork. Most of these melodies were born on nights in the North Antrim countryside of long ago. There is a host of fine memories in these tunes. There are faces and laughter and soft loving daydreams that live on and on. The players are my friends and like all good friends we found a way to celebrate the life and our heritage that gave us this music.

Here's to Joy & Peace
Will Millar