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Will Millar

Will Millar: The Lark In The Clear Aire

  • The Lark In The Clear Aire
    • 1994 - Chacra CHACD 042 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Lark In The Clear Aire/My Singing Bird
    2. Slieve Gallon Braes/Sally Gardens
    3. The Irish Brigade — 1864:
      1. Bold Fenian Men
      2. Hills Of Shiloh
      3. Skibereen
      4. Ashokan Farewell
    4. Carickfergus/Mary Of Dungloe
    5. The Lark In The Clear Aire (Reprise)
    6. Bonnie Kellswater
    7. Factory Girls:
      1. Mo Mhuirnin Ban
      2. By The Banks Of The Bann
      3. Factory Girls:
      4. Flower Of Sweet Straban
    8. Islands:
      1. Dark Island
      2. Mist Covered Mountains
      3. Rhumm
      4. Farewell To Tarwathie

  • Musicians
    • Will Millar: Lude, Tin Whistle
    • Denis Donnelly: Irish Harp
    • Michael Creber: Piano
    • Nolan Murray: Fiddle, Viola, Mandolin
    • George Millar: Guitar
    • Ian Millar: Guitar
    • Joe Millar: Harmonica
    • Mark Rogers: Cello
    • Alex Olson: Double Bass
    • Mary Ross: Accordion
  • Credits
    • Produced by Will Millar & John Ellis
    • Engineer: John Ellis
    • Arranged By Will Millar
    • Recorded at Melodeon Studios, Victoria, BC.
    • Celtic art border: Rand Walsh

Sleeve Notes


For 30 years, I have taken The Irish Rover songs around the world. Sometimes I felt that the words got in the way of the beautiful Celtic melodies. So here' is a mellow draught of music that I hope will let your spirit soar, and give you some peace and joy. It comes from the heart of me and my ancient, quiet lands of Erin and the Celtic world.