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Will Millar

Will Millar: The Keeper

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  • The Keeper
    • 1994 - Attic KACD 1400 CD
  • Songs of the Unicorn
    • 2003 - (?) CD
      • w/3 extra tracks
    • 2008 - Chacra Music — Digital release
      • w/track variation
  • Track List:
    1. Just a Little Bitty Ball
    2. The Tree Planting Song
    3. The Keeper
    4. Waltzing with Bears
    5. Windy Old Weather
    6. Hey li le li le le
    7. The Unicorn
    8. If We Try
    9. A Place in the Choir
    10. Sailing on the Bay
    11. Bog Down in the Valley
    12. Biplane Evermore
    13. Reel in the Flickering Light
  • Extra Tracks
    1. Puff the Magic Dragon
    2. The Puppet Song
    3. Tell Me Ma

  • Songs of the Unicorn — Track Notes:
    • Tracks 14-16 were added to the 2003 CD release
    • Tracks 11, 15 & 16 are ommitted from the 2008 digital release

  • Credits
    • Produced by George Millar and Will Millar
    • Engineered by John Ellis, Melodeon Studios, Vancouver Island, B.C.
    • Front cover art: Irish artist William McKibbin
    • Back cover art: Rand Walsh
    • Graphic design: riff raff
    • Interior illustrations pages 3 & 11: Terry Willers
    • Photographs: Greg Athens
    • Special thanks to all the children and teachers of the Assnichton School B.C. for all the great singing.
    • To brother George, John Ellis, and Shirley Rainon for background singing.
    • All songs MAPL except where indicated
    • © 1994 Attic Productions Limited


According to this article in The Seattle Times, Will (initially) left the Irish Rovers "to pursue a career in children's entertainment" — with the release of this album. In addition, George Millar states, "We're lucky; we have no major internal bickering."

The Seattle Times article is dated March 17, 1995 and states Will "is working on a children's recording called 'The Keeper'" — yet this CD is dated 1994.

Unfortunately by July of 1995, things had changed: "Irish Rovers founder Will Millar launched a lawsuit against his former bandmates claiming they conspired to oust him from the group and misappropriated royalties owed to him." — Source: Coog's Blog (Darren Coogan of 99.3 — Prince George, BC) [link is dead]

This album was nominated for a 1996 Juno (Canadian music) Award, as Best Children's Album. I think this is a very good album, for kids and adults alike. There is a nice review by "bilbopooh", here.