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Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers: Northwest Passage

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  • Northwest Passage
    • 1981 – Fogarty's Cove FCM 004 LP
    • 1990 – Fogarty's Cove FCM 004D CD
    • 2012 – Borealis BCD217 CD
  • Side One
    1. Northwest Passage
    2. The Field Behind The Plow
    3. Night Guard
    4. Working Joe
    5. You Can't Stay Here
  • Side Two
    1. The Idiot
    2. Lies
    3. Canol Road
    4. Free In The Harbour
    5. California

  • Musicians
    • All Vocals by Stan Rogers, Garnet Rogers, David Alan Eadie, and Chris Crilly.
    • Stan Rogers: 6 And 12 String Guitar, Tenor Mandolin
    • Garnet Rogers: Violin, Viola, Electric Guitar
    • David Alan Eadie: Electric Bass, Pennywhistle
    • Curly Boy Stubbs: Acoustic Guitar, High-String Guitar, Shaker
    • Danny Greenspoon: Electric Guitar
    • Michael "Pepe" Francis: Electric Guitar
    • Chris Crilly: Piano, Violin
    • "Pineapple Frank" Barth: Pedal Steel, Lap Steel
    • Claude Desjardins: Drums and Percussion
  • Credits
    • Produced for Fogarty's Cove Music by Paul Mills
    • Executive Producer Valerie Rogers
    • Arrangements by Stan Rogers, with Garnet Rogers and David Alan Eadie.
    • Recorded at Springfield Sound, October, 1980.
    • Engineer: Declan O'Doherty
    • Mixed at Springfield Sound by Paul Mills and Declan O'Doherty
    • Mastering by George Graves at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto.
    • Cover Photograph: Kenneth Ashcroft, A.R.P.S.
    • Colour Processing: Bruno Gos
    • Cover Design and Art: The Graphics Factory, Hamilton, Ontario.
    • Artist: Laurie Pickford
    • Thanks to Brian and Susie Ferriman, Mike Curry, Gail Parker, HMCS Star, and The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club,
    • Special Thanks to: Brian and Susie Ferriman and Springfield Sound, Gail Parker, H.M.C.S. Star and Lieutenant-Commander Hill, Joe Zizzo, Mike Curry, and Diane Rogers for assistance in the final preparation of this project.
    • Dedicated to Ann and Mansel Davies, and the Alberta Bus People
    • Copyright © 1981 by Fogarty's Cove Music, Inc
    • All songs Written by Stan Rogers, PROC.
    • All songs published by Fogarty's Cove Music, PROC. Copyright © 1980.

Sleeve Notes


I apologize for taking so long between albums. It wasn't meant that way, and I have not been slacking off.

This album came about in much the same way as the first, "Fogarty's Cove" did, five years ago. As the result of much travelling in the West and North of Canada, I had amassed a number of songs that dealt specifically with that area, and some bright soul suggested that this album become yet another "theme" album, and incorporate the "Western" tunes.

I know I've rather run the gamut of styles here, and I think that the songs comprise a fairly eclectic brew. We certainly had a lot of fun recording them, and I have to thank all the musicians who worked with us for being so enthusiastic. Of all the albums, this one has been the most painless to do, and I tend to think it was their doing as much as anybody's. Sure, the songs are fun, but the playing was the most fun of all. Thanks, guys.

Incidentally, the views expressed in one or two of these songs are not necessarily those of the author. They arise, rather, from those of the people I met whose stories inspired the tunes.

As a final note, David Alan Eadie has left the band since this album was recorded, heading for what we all hope are greener pastures. To him I say thanks for the fun, and two and a half years of a job well done.