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Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers: Stan Rogers: Fogarty's Cove

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  • Fogarty's Cove
    • 1977 - Barn Swallow BS 1001 LP
    • 1979 – Fogarty's Cove FCM-1001 LP
    • 1990 – Fogarty's Cove FCM-P/1001D CD
    • 2011 – Borealis BCD213 CD
  • Side One
    1. Watching The Apples Grow
    2. Forty Five Years
    3. Fogarty's Cove
    4. Maid On The Shore (Trad. arr. Stan Rogers)
    5. Barrett's Privateers
    6. Fisherman's Wharf
  • Side Two
    1. Giant
    2. Rawdon Hills
    3. Plenty Of Hornpipe
    4. Wreck Of The Athens Queen
    5. Make And Break Harbour
    6. Finch's Complaint/Giant Reprise

  • Musicians
    • Stan Rogers: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    • Garnet Rogers: Violin, Flute, Vocals
    • David Woodhcad: Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals
    • Jerome Jarvis: Drums, Percussion Effects, Stepdancing
    • Ken Whitely (courtesy of Woodshed Records): Piano, Mandolin, Vocals
    • The Masked Luthier of Dupont Street: Dulcimer, Banjo, Concertina and Long-Necked Tenor Mandolin built by Grit Laskin
    • Bernie Jaffe: Violin
    • Curly Boy Stubbs: Acoustic Guitar
    • John Allan Cameron: Twelve-String Acoustic Guitar and Violin
      • John Allan Cameron appears courtesy of Columbia Records
  • Credits
    • Produced by Paul Mills
    • All other songs by Stan Rogers, BMIC, unless otherwise noted.
    • Published by Fogarty's Cove Music and Red Beaver Music.
    • Executive Producer: Mitch Podolak
    • Spiritual Advisor: Mike Curry
    • Recorded September 23rd and 24th, 1976 at Springfield Sound, Springfield, Ontario.
    • Engineer: Bob Leth
    • Recordist: Roy "Rocky Recordo" Farr
    • Hospitality: Bev Leth
    • Mixed at Springfield Sound by Paul Mills, September 30th and October 6th, 1976.
    • Mastered at J.A.M.F., Toronto, Ontario
    • Special Thanks to: Bev Mills, Gord Lowe, Brian Ferriman and Bill Howell
    • Dedicated to the late Sidney Bushell of Canso, N.S. and Stanley E. Rogers of Oxford, N.S., (I am their grandson) and to the people of Canada's Atlantic Provinces
    • Originally released on Barn Swallow Records, 1977, as BS 1001
    • Copyright © 1979 by Fogarty's Cove Music
    • All rights reserved
    • Manufactured & Distributed in Canada by Fogarty's Cove Music Inc., 14 Hess St. South, Hamilton, Ont., Canada L8P 3M9
    • Cover photo by Nancy MacPhee
    • Cover Art by David Andoff