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Ryan's Fancy: Solo Releases
Dermot O'Reilly

Cain's Legacy
  • Cain's Legacy
    • 1981 - Piper Stock Productions (?) VHS

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A Journey through Labrador with Musical Host Dermot O'Reilly

Cain's Legacy offers a unique perspective on Labrador's history, natural beauty and cultural diversity. More that a musical special, viewers will journey through Labrador into the heart of its many people and regions. You'll enjoy performances by Harry Martin, Shirley Montague, Newfoundland Black Spruce, Dick Gardner and the Flummies.

A co-production by Piper Stock Productions and the Canadian broadcasting Corporation with the support of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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All The Best: Folk Music Of St. John's, Newfoundland
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  • All The Best: Folk Music Of St. John's, Newfoundland
    • 1988 - Pigeon Inlet PIP-7322 LP
    • 1988 - Pigeon Inlet PIPCD-7322 CD
      • various artists — Dermot O'Reilly sings "West Country Lady"

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  • Side One
    1. Arriving In St. John's (Emile Benoit) — The Crowd
    2. St. John's Waltz (Ron Hynes) — Ron Hynes
    3. St. John's Mazurka/The Brule Boys In Paris (Bob O'Donovan) — Tickle Harbour with Bob O'Donovan
    4. The Union From St. John's — Pamela Morgan & Anita Best
    5. West Country Lady (Dermot O'Reilly) — Dermot O'Reilly
    6. The Poruguese Waltzes — Art Stoyles
  • Side Two
    1. Signal Hill — John White
    2. The Ship Inn Reel/Bridgett's Reel (Emile Benoit) — Kelly Russell
    3. The Star Of Logy Bay — Jim Payne
    4. Let Me Fish Of Cape St. Mary's (Otto Kelland) — Phyllis Morrissey
    5. Running The Goat — Frank Maher
    6. Old Brown's Daughter (Johnny Burke/Ron Hynes) — Ron Hynes, Jim Payne & John White

  • Musicians
    • The Crowd (Track: 1):
      • Christina Smith: Fiddle
      • Dave Panting: Mandolin
      • Geoff Butler: Accordian
      • Jean Hewson: Guitar
      • Kelly Russell: Fiddle
      • Paddy Mackey: Bodhran
      • Wanda Crocker: Mandolin
    • Bryan Hennessey: Acoustic Bass (Tracks: 2, 7, 9, 12), Piano (Track: 12)
    • Sandy Morris: Guitar (Track: 2), Bouzouki (Track: 11)
    • Bob O'Donovan: Fiddle, Mandolin (Track: 3),
    • Don Walsh: Guitar (Track: 3)
    • Rob Murphy: Flute (Track: 3)
    • Gerry Strong: Tin Whistle (Tracks: 3, 10)
    • Scott Schilleeff: Hammer Dulcimer (Track: 3)
    • Pamela and Anita: Vocals (Track: 4)
    • Dermot O'Reilly: Guitar (Track: 5)
    • Kelly Russell: Fiddle (Tracks: 5, 8 ), Concertina (Tracks: 2, 7), Bouzouki (Track: 5), Viola (Track: 6)
    • Derek Pelley: Bass (Track: 6)
    • Noel Dinn: Drums (Track: 6), Bodhran (Track: 11)
    • Pamela Morgan: Guitar (Tracks: 6, 11)
    • Jim Payne: Guitar (Tracks: 8, 9), Mandolin (Track: 9), Vocal (Track: 12)
    • Denis Parker: Harmonica (Track: 9)
    • Gordon Quinton: Guitar (Track: 10)
    • John White: Vocal (Track: 12)
    • Ron Hynes: Vocal (Track: 12), Guitar (Tracks: 7, 12)
  • Credits
    • Produced by Kelly Russell
    • Recorded and mixed at Dadyeen Studios, St. John's, Newfoundland. April 1988
    • Engineer: Don Walsh
    • Front Cover Photo: "The Scademia", Harbour Charters, St. John's
    • Photography: Mannie Buchheit
    • Design and Production of Album Jacket: C.C. Keats Advertising, Limited.
    • Thanks to Sandy Morris for his assistance in mixing and Wallace Hammond for tape editing

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Rigs Jigs and Songs from the Heart
  • Rigs Jigs and Songs from the Heart
    • 1988 - Piper Stock Productions (?) VHS

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Rigs, Jigs and Songs from the Heart: A Musical Journey from Port aux Basques to St. John's

Rigs, Jigs and Songs from the Heart will inform, delight and entertain you. This lively one hour mix of music, interviews and narration presents a unique perspective on Newfoundland's history, her rich cultural heritage and physical beauty. Enjoy performances by Geoff Butler, Wayne Gladney, Chris Hennessey, Phyllis Morrissey, Dermot O'Reilly and Kelly Russell.

Host: Dermot O'Reilly
Produced by Piper Stock Productions and CBC with assistance from Telefilm Canada and the government of Newfoundland and Labrador

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Another Time: The Songs of Newfoundland
  • Another Time: The Songs of Newfoundland
    • 1991 - Pigeon Inlet PIP 7326 CD

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  • Track List:
    • The Old Polina - Fergus O'Byrne
    • The Kelligrew's Soiree - Anita Best
    • Squid Jiggin' Ground - Dermot O'Reilly
    • She's Like The Swallow - Pamela Morgan
    • Tickle Cove Pond - Ron Hynes
    • Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor - Kim Stockwood
    • Now I'm Sixty Four - Dave Panting
    • Hard, Hard Times - Jim Joyce
    • Lukey's Boat - Pamela Morgan & Anita Best
    • Petty Harbour Bait Skiff - Roger Howse
    • The Ryans & The Pittmans - Baxter Wareham
    • Ode To Newfoundland - Vonnie Barron & Esther Squires

  • Musicians
    • Fergus O'Byrne: Vocals (Track: 1)
    • Eric Soostar: Bass (Track: 1)
    • Noel Dinn: Bodhran (Tracks: 1, 2, 3), Congas (Track: 11)
    • Anita Best: Vocal (Tracks: 2, 9)
    • Dermot O'Reilly: Vocal (Track: 3)
    • Rick Hollett: Keyboards (Tracks: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12), Piano Accordion (Track: 1), Saxophone (Tracks: 4, 7, 12)
    • Pamela Morgan: Vocal (Tracks: 4, 9), Background Vocal (Track: 8), Acoustic Guitar (Track: 9)
    • Ron Hynes: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar (Track: 5)
    • Christina Smith: Cello (Track: 5)
    • Kim Stockwood: Vocal (Track: 6)
    • Dave Panting: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar (Track: 7)
    • Kelly Russell: Fiddle (Tracks: 2, 5), Bouzouki (Tracks: 2, 7), Concertina (Tracsk: 1, 2)
    • Jim Joyce: Vocal (Track: 8)
    • Peter Narvaez: Harmonica (Track: 8)
    • Roger Howse: Vocal (Track: 10), Acoustic and Electric Guitars (Tracks: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11)
    • Baxter Wareham: Vocal, Button Accordion (Track: 11)
    • Esther Squires: Vocal (Track: 12)
    • Sandy Morris: Acoustic Guitar (Track: 12)
    • Vonnie Barron: Vocal (Track: 12)
  • Credits
    • Produced by Kelly Russell and Don Walsh
    • Engineered by Don Walsh
    • Mixed by Neil Bishop Recorded at Dadyeen Studios, St. John's, Newfoundland
    • Musical Arrangements by Don Walsh and Kelly Russell — Except:
      • Tracks: 2 and 4 — Pamela Morgan, Don Walsh and Kelly Russell
      • Track: 9 — Pamela Morgan
      • Track: 10 — Roger Howse
    • Don Walsh: Computer Programming (Track: 6)
    • Project Concept and Presentation: Kelly Russell
    • Executive Producer: Fred Brokenshire
    • Photography: Ray Fennelly
    • Graphic Design: Sheila Gillard Studio
    • Thanks to Walter Peddle and the staff at the Newfoundland Museum and Sportscraft (1990) St. John's
    • This recording was produced with the assistance of the Canada Council All selections MAPL
    • All selections © Pigeon Inlet Productions Ltd. SOCAN

Group Photo (From left to right)
Standing: Fergus O'Byrne, Anita Best, Don Walsh, Kelly Russell, Ron Hynes, Kim Stockwood, Jim Joyce, Roger Howse, Rick Hollett
Sitting: Dermot O'Reilly, Pamela Morgan, Dave Panting, Esther Squires.

Sleeve Notes

Fergus O'Byrne, from Dublin, adopted Newfoundland in the early 1970's. He was a member of the popular group "Ryan's Fancy". Now a teacher, he performs and organizes events for the St. John's Folk Arts Council. Keenly interested in sea songs, his selection of the "Old Polina" is a local version of an old English whaling song, "The Old Balena".

Anita Best was raised in the now resettled community of Merasheen, Placentia Bay. Some of her large collection of Newfoundland folk songs were published in the book "Come and I Will Sing You" (Breakwater 1985). A graduate student at Memorial University's Folklore Department, Anita sings "The Kelligrew's Soiree" by Johnny Burke, a prolific songwriter during the 1920's.

Dermot O'Reilly, another Dubliner and "Ryan's Fancy" alumnus, has lived in Torbay since 1971. Dermot regularly performs original and traditional music and founded a video company "Piper Stock Productions". His video "Rigs, Jigs and Songs from the Heart" is a musical tour of Newfoundland. The "Squid Jiggin Ground" was composed by Art Scammell from Change Islands.

Pamela Morgan is the lead singer and mainstay of "Figgy Duff", an internationally recognized Newfoundland band with a unique sound of traditional and contemporary arrangements . Their third album "Weather Out The Storm" has moved them into the mainstream. "She's Like The Swallow", popular in Newfoundland, is unknown in England where it originated.

Ron Hynes, from Ferryland on the Southern Shore, is one of Newfoundland's foremost songwriters. While a member of the "Wonderful Grand Band" he composed "Sonny's Dream" a venerable song recorded by more than a dozen singers. His original songs for children can be heard on the album "Small Fry". "Tickle Cove Pond" probably originates from the Bonavista Bay area although the author of the song is unknown.

Kim Stockwood of St. John's has developed an enthusiastic following performing in local clubs. Her talent and interest in a variety of singing styles, and the influence of her father's accordion playing, has resulted in a refreshing approach to the popular "Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor", author unknown.

Dave Panting of St. John's has been a professional musician since 1975. Formerly of "Figgy Duff", he is now singer, writer and guitarist for "Rawlins Cross", a critically acclaimed group on the Canadian music scene. Their second album is due for a fall 1991 release His solo recording projects include "New Dreams" and "Mandolin Christmas". "Now I'm Sixty Four" has long been a popular song in Newfoundland but is most likely of Irish origin.

Jim Joyce, from Montreal, has lived in St. John's since 1983, where he became a very popular singer on the local folk music scene. Jim may be heard, with his extensive repertoire of ballads and songs, as a solo performer or, on other occasions, accompanied by such musicians as Fergus O'Byrne, Kelly Russell or Jamie Snider. Although "Hard, Hard Times" is an older song, of local origin, its bitterly humorous commentary on the life of a Newfoundland fisherman has a certain ring of truth even today.

"Lukey's Boat" — A humorous ditty satirizing bad luck and hard times. Author unknown.

Roger Howse has been playing his version of "the blues" around St. John's since 1979. Roger may be heard on "Eagle Ridin' Papas" and "Rollin' and Tumblin'", two albums recorded with fellow bluesman Denis Parker. Roger has also recorded "Livin' the Blues" with his band, "Rough Ideas" and is featured on a compilation album of Canadian blues artists released by CBC and Stoney Plain Records. His selection and arrangement of this shortened version of "The Petty Harbour Bait Skiff" is rather appropriate given the tragic nature of the song. It was composed by John Grace in 1852.

Baxter Wareham was raised in Harbour Buffett, a resettled community in Placentia Bay. He lives in Arnold's Cove where he continues to sing the old songs and play accordion tunes he learned as a boy aboard his father's fishing schooner. Many of these songs are available on his album "Buffett Double" or "Towards the Sunset" with Pat and Joe Byrne. "The Ryans and the Pittman" also known as "We'll Rant and We'll Roar", is a Placentia Bay song composed by H.W. LeMessurier.

Vonnie Barron from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia has lived in St. John's since 1988. She is actively involved in The St. John's Folk Arts Council organizing folk dances and other events. She sings occasionally at local clubs. Esther Squires grew up in the Ferryland Lighthouse where her father, well known Canadian artist Gerry Squires, was in residence. She can be heard on the album "Lonesome Boatman" (PIP - 7315) or with her group "Saddle Sorority". "The Ode to Newfoundland", our national anthem, was written by Sir Cavendish Boyle, an Irish native who served as Governor of Newfoundland from 1901 to 1904.

A fresh approach to the old favourite Newfoundland songs performed by some of the finest musicians and singers in the province.

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