The Irish Rovers: Home in Ireland

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  • Home in Ireland
    • 2011 - DPTV Media IRO0316K DVD
  • Song List:
    1. Home In Ireland Theme (George Millar) [1]
    2. The Boys of Belfast (George Millar)
    3. Ireland Boys Hurrah (Trad)
    4. The Dear Little Shamrock Shore (George Millar)
    5. The Deep Blue Sea (George Millar)
    6. The Boys of Killybegs (Tommy Makem) [1]
    7. Let The Toast Go Round (George Millar)
    8. Irish Rover (Trad) [1]
    9. Maggie — Foster & Allen, Solo [1]
    10. Jigs: Humours of Glendart; Eavesdropper; Basket of Turf & Tell her I Am — Gavin Doherty Dancers perform [1]
    11. Dunluce Castle (George Millar)
    12. Brady of Strabane (Trad)
    13. Gracehill Fair (George Millar)
    14. A Long Time Ago (George Millar)
    15. I Will Go A-Rovin' (George Millar) [1]
    16. Rose of Mooncoin — Foster & Allen, Solo [1]
    17. Reels: Doon Reel; Sheehan's Reel; Musical Priest & Brennan's Reel — Gavin Doherty Dancers perform [1]
    18. The Dublin Pub Crawl (George Millar)
    19. The Black Velvet Band (Trad) [1]
    20. When The Wife Is Mad (George Millar) [1]
    21. The Girls Of Derry (George Millar)
    22. Reels: Big John's Reel; The Mountain Thrush & O'Reilly's Greyhound — Gerry O'Connor Band perform [1]
    23. Dunne Song — Cathal McConnell, Solo [1]
    24. The Rambling Boys of Pleasure (George Millar)
    25. The Unicorn (Shel Silverstein)
    26. The Dark Island (Iain McLachlan) & Mason's Apron
    27. Wasn't That A Party (Tom Paxton)
    28. Drunken Sailor (Trad)
    29. Instrumental: The Tulla Reel, & Dick Gossip's Reel [1]
    30. I'll Return (George Millar) [1]
    31. Reprise (George Millar) [1]

  • The Irish Rovers
    • Ian Millar: Vocals, Guitar
    • Fred Graham: Bodhrán, Percussion
    • George Millar: Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordion
    • Sean O'Driscoll: Vocals, Banjo, Bouzouki, Mandolin
    • John Reynolds: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
  • Guest Performers
    • Foster & Allen
    • Gerry O'Conner Band
    • Cathal McConnell
    • The Gavin Doherty Dancers
    • Morris Crumb: Keyboards, Background Vocals
    • Patrick Davey: Flute, Whistle, Uilleann Pipes
  • Credits
    • Producer: George Millar
    • Engineer: Rick Salt
    • Recorded at Waterfront Hall, Belfast.


The Irish Rovers celebrate the beauty of their homeland in Northern Ireland, performing on location at Carnlough Harbour, Dunluce Castle, The Giant's Causeway, Slemish Mountain, Glenarm and Galgorm Manor near Ballymena.

In September 2010, the lads returned to their roots, while filming in Northern Ireland for their DVD/television special, "Home in Ireland". The DVD celebrates the beauty of their homeland with music, spectacular scenery, special guests and band interviews. George Millar says, "It's basically The Irish Rovers ‘Coming Home' because this is our home, for all of us. We want to show the world what the northwest Irish coast is like. I've traveled the world now for over 40 years and there's nothing like it."

The DVD also includes a lively pub session at The Wild Duck Inn, Portglenone and concert footage from The Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

The lads are joined by special musical guests Foster and Allen, Cathal McConnell, The Gerry O'Connor Band, Patrick Davey, Morris Crum, and the World Champion Doherty Irish Dancers.

Through band interviews, we also get a more intimate look at each of The Irish Rovers.

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        1. These songs are not included on the CD