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the Irish Rovers

The Irish Rovers: Gracehill Fair


  • Gracehill Fair
    • 2010 - Rover Records CD
  • Track List:
    1. Ireland Boys Hurrah (T. D. Sullivan A. & A. by George Millar)
    2. Home to Bantry Bay (George Millar)
    3. The Dublin Pub Crawl (George Millar)
    4. The Boys of Killybegs (Tommy Makem)
    5. Pretty Susan The Pride of Molyclare (Arranged & Adapted by George Millar)
    6. Jigs &mdah; Trotting to Larne/The Knotted Chord/The Wise Maid (Traditional, Arr. Wilcil McDowell)
    7. The Lass with the Bonny Brown Hair (Music & New Words by George Millar)
    8. The Girls of Derry (George Millar)
    9. Let Him Go Let Him Tarry (Traditional, Arrangement Adapted by George Millar)
    10. I'll Return (George Millar)
    11. Reels &mdah; Egan's Favorite/The Dawn (Arr. Wilcil McDowell)
    12. Drink, Sing and be Jolly (George Millar)
    13. Gracehill Fair (George Millar)
    14. And the Sun It Still Rises (George Millar)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • George Millar: Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals, Spoons
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordion
    • John Reynolds: Bass, Guitar, Whistle, Vocals
    • Sean O'Driscoll: Mandolin, Banjo, Bouzouki, Button, Key Accordion
    • Ian Millar: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
    • Fred Graham: Bodhrán, Bones, Percussion, Drums, Vocals
  • Guest Musicians
    • Patrick Davey: Uilleann Pipes, Flute, Whistle
    • Morris Crum: Keyboards and Backup Vocals
    • Davey Sloan: Backup Vocals
    • Joe Millar: Harmonica
    • Sheila Gary: Fiddle
    • Larry Egan: Button-Key Accordion
    • Geoffrey Kelly: Bodhrán
    • Billy Antrim: Heavy Drums and Spoons
  • Credits
    • Produced by George Millar for Rover Records
    • Engineered by Rick Salt
    • Mixed by George Millar & Rick Salt
    • Recorded at Island Pacific Studios, Nanaimo B.C. Canada, and Emerald Studios Templepatrick, N. Ireland
    • Engineered at Emerald by George Doherty
    • Mastered by Rick Salt

Sleeve Notes

Rollicking Irish drinking songs, songs of longing to return to Ireland, a lost love, sailors ashore, and finding love at a Fair in Ireland. 2010 has just arrived and here we are starting our 45th year as a band. Yes, we began at a young age &mdah; ten if I remember correctly! Wilcil and I are the two original members, while John Reynolds and Sean O'Driscoll have been singing and playing with us now for close to twenty years. Ian Millar and Fred Graham joined the Irish Rovers' family in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Ian's father, Joe Millar, a member of the band for forty years, kindly agreed to come out of his golf club and local pub. We thank them both immensely. The CD cover and booklet cover were designed by Celtic artist Hamish Douglas Burgess who currently resides in that hotbed of Celtic traditions and music, Maui. He also has a Celtic radio show every Sunday morning called funnily enough, "Maui Celtic". So dear fans, we once again thank you for your support throughout the years and hope you enjoy this latest collection of Irish Rover songs. Some songs are old, some are new, but all are perfectly "dacent" to join in with.