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the Irish Rovers

The Irish Rovers: Come Fill Up Your Glasses


  • Come Fill Up Your Glasses
    • 1998 - Rover Records 003 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Shores of Botany Bay
    2. Kitty the Rose of Kilrea (G. Millar)
    3. Bonny Labouring Boy
    4. Reels
    5. Lincoln's Army (J. McEvoy)
    6. Green Grows the Laurel
    7. Little Brigid Flynn (P. French)
    8. Will you Come and Marry Me? (G. Millar)
    9. The Tinker (J. Reynolds)
    10. The Ballintoy Farmer (G. Millar)
    11. Jigs
    12. All of It (G. O'Brian)
    13. Come Fill Up Your Glasses (P. Seeger & L. Graham)
    14. A Little Bit More (T. Sands)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • Joe Millar: Bass, Whistle, and Vocals
    • George Millar: Guitars and Vocals
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordian
    • Jim Ferguson: Vocals
    • John Reynolds: Whistle, Guitar and Vocals
    • Kevin McKeown: Percussion
    • Sean O'Driscoll: Mandolin and Banjo
  • Guest Musicians — Ireland
    • Wallace Hood: Irish Bouzouki and 10 String Cittern
    • Patrick Davey: Uillean Pipes, Flute, and Whistle
    • Siobhan Heffron Martin: Flute
    • Marie Heffron: Fiddle
    • Ronnie O'Flynn: Bass
    • Len Graham: Bodhrán, Spoons and Vocals
    • Morris Crumb: Keyboards
  • Guest Musicians — Canada
    • Amy Laing: Cello
    • Michael Creber: Piano
    • James Mark: Fiddle
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Island Pacific Studios, Nanaimo, Canada
    • Crawford Bell Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    • Cherry Beach Studios, Toronto, Canada
    • Mixed at Island Pacific Studios
    • Produced by George Millar for Rover Records
    • Engineered by Rick Salt and Crawford Bell
    • Mixed by George Millar and Rick Salt
    • Mastered by Media Magic, Victoria, BC, Canada
    • Art Direction: Buffalo Design Co., Nanaimo, BC, Canada
    • Cover Photo: Terry Patterson Photography, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
    • Layout: Thanks to the daughter Amy Millar for making sense and typing up these notes which sucked the life right out of her.
    • Thanks to: Crow and Gate Pub for the use of their fireplace in the cover photo and to Paul Vandersluys for his handmade maple stool.

We dedicate this recording to the memory of our dear friend and musical partner of 33 years, James Francis Ferguson.

George Millar
January 1998

  • Notes:
    • This CD marks the last recording with founding member, Jimmy Ferguson, who passed away in 1997.