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The Irish Rovers: Emigrate! Emigrate!


  • Emigrate! Emigrate!
    • 1973 - Potato POT 3203 LP
    • 1973 - Tara TRS-53001 LP
    • 1976 - Attic LAT 1029 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Passing of the Gale
    2. Yellow Gals
    3. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
    4. Farewell to Carlingford (Tommy Makem)
    5. Mary of Dungloe
    6. Emigration Medley
  • Side Two
    1. Cobblers (W. McDowell, W. Millar & D. Murphy)
    2. Paddy on the Railway
    3. Canadian Railroad Trilogy (Gordon Lightfoot)
    4. Northern Rake (George & Will Millar)
    5. Children of Hate (Will Millar)
    6. Catch Another Butterfly (M. Williams)
    7. Gypsy

  • The Irish Rovers
    • Will Millar: vocals, bodhrán, whistle, tenor banjo, mandolin
    • George Millar: vocals, acoustic guitars
    • Joe Millar: vocals, bodhrán, button key accordion, harmonica, spoons
    • Wilcil McDowell: accordion, cordovox
    • Jimmy Ferguson: vocals
  • Musicians
    • Chuck Aarons: electric guitar
    • Jim Ackley: piano on "Catch Another Butterfly"
    • Richard Armin: cello, concertmaster
    • David Essig: lead acoustic guitar on "The Canadian Railroad Trilogy"
    • Larry Good: 5 string banjo on "Yellow Gals" and "The Canadian Railroad Trilogy"
    • Bob Lucier: pedal steel guitar on "The Northern Rake"
    • Duris Maxwell: drums
    • Kathy Moses: flute on "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore" and "Mary of Dungloe"
    • Jerry Sheff: bass
    • Bill Usher: percussion on "The Gypsy"
    • George Wilson: fiddle
  • Credits
    • Produced by Dennis R. Murphy for Sundog Productions
    • Recorded at Can-Base Studios (Vancouver) with Keith Stein and Thunder Sound (Toronto) with Bill Seddon
    • Mixed at Thunder Sound by Bill Seddon and Dennis Murphy
    • Front and back cover photos by Bob Silk
    • Design: Will Millar and Mike Tott
    • Strings arranged and conducted by Jim Ackley

Sleeve Notes

The written thoughts go on and on …
"Ah go my children, go away, obey the inspiration,
Go with thy mantling hopes of health and youthful expectations
Go clear the forests, climb the hills, and lay the railroad lines
Come let us seek a living place and leave the land that's dying."

Such a movement of people was never known before. There was work and hope and freedom in Canada or America and Australia. So the poets and the ballad makers echoed the emotions of the "Gaels" on the move. We tried to capture the energy of all these feelings on this album of "Emigration".

The music moves through the laments of leaving home forever, the life on the ocean passage. Here also is the hopes and fears of the new home for the emigrants in the new world. Finally, what has happened to the old land and the travelling people since the tall "clipper" and "packet" ships carried them off to a million adventures.

… Balladeers notes

image According to The Irish Rovers Fans' Site (currently off-line):
"The people in the photo on the cover are, starting on the left, George Millar with son Jon, daughter Amy, and wife Betsy. Somewhat behind them are Erin and her parents Jan and Jimmy Ferguson. Down in front are Elsie and Bob Millar (Will and George's parents). Way in the back in the middle is former longtime manager Les Weinstein. In the middle spreading to the right are Ian [1] and Roy and parents Joan and Joe Millar. In front at the right are Will Millar and Jackie. On the far right are Wilcil and Margaret McDowell."

  1. Ian Millar toured with Will Millar for over ten years, and is currently a member of the Irish Rovers.