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Cherish The Ladies

Cherish the Ladies: Cherish the Ladies, Live!


  • Cherish the Ladies, Live!
    • 1997 - Big Mammy Records BMR-CD0001 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Cat's Rambles To The Child's Saucepan/The Otter's Nest/Richie Dwyers
    2. Mal Of Lismore
    3. Red-Haired Girl/Eagles Rock/The Laughing Spoon
    4. The New House
    5. Sir Hugh Of Graham
    6. The Level Plain
    7. Fear An Bhata/Summertime/The Priest/Des O'Connors/Repeal Of The Union
    8. Banks Of The Roses/Séan Sa Cheo/Jenny Dang The Weaver/The Morning Dew
    9. Cronin's
    10. Bridget Cruise/The Mountain Top
    11. The Galloping Hound/McGreavy's/Cat's Meow/Fraher's
    12. The Keg Of Brandy
    13. Follow Me Down To Galway/Captain Rocks/Good Morning To Your Nightcap/The Old Dudeen/The Blue Britches

  • Cherish the Ladies
    • Aoife Clancy: Guitar, Vocals, Bodhrán
    • Donna Long: Fiddle, Piano, Harmony Vocals
    • Joanie Madden: Flute, Whistle, Harmony Vocals
    • Mary Coogan: Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
    • Mary Rafferty: Accordion, Whistle
    • Siobhan Egan: Fiddle, Whistle, Bodhrán
  • Irish Step-Dancers
    • Eileen Golden, Sinead Lawler, Niall O'Leary and Dave O'Hanlon
  • Credits
    • Recorded live at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, N.H., on March 16, 1997
    • Flynn Theatre in Burlington, Vt., on March 17, 1997