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Cherish The Ladies

Cherish the Ladies: The Back Door


  • The Back Door
    • 1992 - Green Linnet 1119 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Characters' Polka/The Warlock/The Volunteer/The Donegal Traveler
    2. The Back Door
    3. Redican's/Sean Ryan's/Take The Bull By The Horn's
    4. The Dance/Galway Hornpipe/Dessie O'Connor's/The Moher Reel
    5. Coal Quay Market/Happy Days/Rabbit In The Field
    6. Maire Mhor
    7. If Ever You Were Mine
    8. Paddy O'Brien's/Toss The Feathers/Jenny Dang The Weaver
    9. My Own Native Land
    10. Pepin Arsenault/The Shepherd's Daughter/Punch In The Dark
    11. Three Weeks We Were Wed
    12. Jessica's Polka/Tear The Calico/I Have No Money
    13. Carriigdhoun
    14. Redican's Mother/Humours Of Westport/The Morning Dew/The Glass Of Beer/Youghal Harbor

  • Cherish the Ladies
    • Joanie Madden: Flute, Tin Whistle
    • Cathie Ryan: Vocals, Bodhrán
    • Winifred Horan: Fiddle, Step Dancing
    • Mary Coogan: Guitar, Banjo
    • Siobhan Egan: Fiddle, Bodhrán
    • Eileen Golden: Step Dancing
    • Linnane Wick: Step Dancing
    • Maureen Doherty Macken: Accordion, Flute
  • Credits
    • Producer: Gabriel Donohue; Eileen Ivers
    • Engineer: Al Hemberger
    • Recorded at The Loft, Bronxville, New York