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Cherish The Ladies

Cherish the Ladies: Irish Women Musicians in America


  • Irish Women Musicians in America
    • 1985 - Shanachie 79053 LP
  • Side One
    1. Miss McLeod's/Wissahickon Drive/Fermoy Lassies/Morse Avenue Reels - Liz Carroll & Mick Moloney
    2. The Tempest/Smash the Windows/Lad O'Beirne's - Joan Madden, Kathy McGinty, Mary McDonagh, Lori Cole
    3. Johnny Doherty's/The Cock and the Hen/The Humours of Whiskey (jig/slip jigs) - Laura MacKenzie, Patty Bronson, Daíthí Sproule
    4. Tá Ná Páipéir dhá Saighnéail (The Papers Are Being Signed) - Bridget Fitzgerald
    5. Jig Away the Donkey/Josie McDermott's (reels) - Paulette Gershen, Gerry O'Beirne
    6. Dear Lisa/The Maid of Ardagh (slide/polka) - Maureen Glynn School of Irish Music
    7. The Orphan/Paul Montague's (jig/reel) - Eileen Ivers, Mark Simos
  • Side Two
    1. The Galtee Rangers/Gan Ainm (reels) - Eileen Clohessey, Maureen Doherty
    2. Cherish the Ladies (jigs) - Patricia Conway, Mary McDonagh, Joan Madden, Pauline O'Neill, Maureen Doherty, Mary Rafferty, Rose Conway, Kathy McGinty, Eileen Clohessey, Lori Cole
    3. Lads of Laois/The First Month of Summer (reels) - Rose Conway, Mick Moloney
    4. Sagart Na Cúile Báine (The Fair Haired Priest) - Treasa Uí Cearuil
    5. The Burren/Kitty Town (reels) - Joan Madden, Mary Coogan
    6. The Shaskeen/Gan Ainm (jigs) - Pauline O'Neill, Lori Cole
    7. Toss the Feathers/The Pride of Rockchapel (reels) - Maureen Glynn School of Irish Music

  • Cherish the Ladies
    • Liz Carroll: Fiddle
    • Maureen Doherty: Flute
    • Joan Madden: Flute, Tin Whistle
    • Kathy McGinty: Fiddle
    • Mary McDonagh: Accordion
    • Lori Cole: Piano
    • Laura MacKenzie: Flute
    • Patty Bronson: Flute
    • Bridget Fitzgerald: Vocals
    • Paulette Gershen: Tin Whistle
    • Eileen Ivers: Tin Whistle
    • Eileen Clohessey: Tin Whistle
    • Patricia Conway: Accordion
    • Pauline O'Neill: Flute
    • Mary Rafferty: Flute
    • Rose Conway: Fiddle
    • Treasa Uí Cearuil: Vocals
    • Mary Coogan: Guitar
  • Musicians
    • Dáithí Sproule: Guitar
    • Gerry O'Beirne: Guitar
    • Mark Simos: Guitar
    • Mick Moloney: Guitar
    • Maureen Glynn School of Irish Music:
      • Sheila McGuire: Fiddle
      • Karen Foynes: Fiddle
      • Deidre McDermott: Fiddle
      • Rosemary Clarke: Fiddle
      • Kathleen McQuillan: Fiddle
      • Patricia Sullivan: Flute, Whistle
      • Cara Early: Flute, Whistle
      • Bridget Harte: Flute, Whistle
      • Mary Foynes: Flute
      • Deidre Connolly: Flute
      • Ann-Marie Doherty: Accordion
      • Ed McDonagh: Accordion
      • Eileen Callaghan: Accordion
      • Michael Fee: Bodhrán, Drums
  • Credits
    • Producer: Mick Moloney