The Wolfhound

The Wolfhound: The Best of the Wolfhound


  • The Best of the Wolfhound
    • 1974 - Derry SDBL 506 LP
  • Side One
    1. Provie Lullaby [2]
    2. My Mary Of The Curling Hair
    3. The Magnificent Seven
    4. Ashtown Road [1]
    5. Provie Birdie (Seamus Robinson) [2]
    6. Sweet Carnlough Bay
  • Side Two
    1. Smashing Of The Van
    2. Michael Gaughan (Take Me Home To Mayo) (Seamus Robinson) [2]
    3. Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland
    4. Patriot Game [2]
    5. Blast It [2]
    6. Ireland United Gaelic And Free [2]

Sleeve Notes

One of the best groups to emerge from the current popularity of Irish folk songs has been the Wolfhound from Belfast. They have had several very successful singles - notably "Michael Gaughan" (Take Me Home To Mayo) and "Ireland United Gaelic And Free". They have also released a very successful long play record - "Freedom Sons" (Derry Records - SDBL 501).

This album is a collection of the best recordings of one of Irelands best groups. This is The Best Of The Wolfhound.