Stockton's Wing

Stockton's Wing & Steve Cooney: Themes From Beyond The North Wind


  • Themes From Beyond The North Wind
    • 1982 - Tara TS 013 [7"/45]
  • Side One
    1. Skidoo
  • Side Two
    1. Icefields
    2. Bay Of Tranquillity

  • Credits
    • Film music composed, arranged, produced and performed by STEPHEN COONEY
      for Beyond The North Wind, an IAE/RTÉ production
    • Featuring: STOCKTON'S WING, Fran Breen, Vincent Kilduff and Nanook
    • Engineered by Brian Masterson, Windmill Lane Studios
    • Published by Swing Music

Sleeve Notes

After six weeks away, the first mail-bag included a letter addressed. c/o Acoustic Research Unit. Irish Arctic Expedition. Eureka, Canada. The letter outlined Stephen Cooney's plan to record fundamental harmonies on location by using a Wind Harp And so in ICEFIELDS, a timeless How is preserved. When fueled by the sun ice is possessed with a primitive quality of life. You can feel it near icebergs, those dynamic molten sculptures. Stephen met the expedition for the first time after it returned. He viewed the uncut film and selected seventeen sequences Their composition and arrangement became the film's first script. The themes relate the Arctic, the passing of time and our response to the changes experienced. It's as if you're being driven by SKIOOO. Stephen's mundane didgeridoo echoes with a force, as when the human spirit resonates with nature. It's irresistible and a little frightening … fine reasons for loving anything … even the Arctic. SAY OF TRANQUILLITY harps with those hazy blue horizons that we remember Beyond the north wind.