Jimmy Crowley

Jimmy Crowley & Marla Fibish: The Morning Star


  • The Morning Star
    • 2011 - Marla Fibish Music CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Humours of Bandon/A Fig for a Kiss/The Dusty Miller
    2. The Morning Star/Trip to Cullenstown/Good Morning to your Nightcap
    3. Eleanor Plunkett
    4. Farewell to Whisky/Jenny Lind/Parnell's March
    5. Jenny and the Weaver
    6. The Rocky Road to Dublin/Comb your Hair and Curl it/The New Mown Meadow
    7. Sliabh Geal gCua na Feile
    8. The Adelphian Waltz/The Gneeveguilla
    9. The Saucy Polka/Nelly
    10. The Dunedin Jig/Honeymoon Island

Sleeve Notes

Marla Fibish is a San Francisco native and a long-time feature of the Bay Area Irish music scene. Thirty years ago, when Marla got bit by the Irish music bug, her late grandfather's mandolin was the instrument that found its way into her hands, and soon after into her heart. It has been her primary instrument and stalwart partner ever since. Together they have developed their own personal way of delivering the jigs and reels with lift, drive and "nyah" — that indefinable quality at the essence of the music. In addition to her collaboration with Jimmy, she plays in the trio Three Mile Stone, which released its eponymous CD in March 2010 to enthusiastic response. What folks say about Marla …

Jimmy Crowley has been a central figure in the Irish folk scene since the enthusiastic reception of his debut album The Boys of Fairhill in 1977. Now, with a dozen recordings to his name, Jimmy is widely known as a dynamic and singular singer, accomplished multi-instrumentalist (bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, harmonica and more), historian, bearer of the tradition, ethnographer, Irish language enthusiast, and an extraordinary songwriter. Jimmy's collaboration with Marla is a departure from his usual and well known focus on traditional songs — his first all instrumental project.

Jimmy and Marla are a compelling combination. Their sound evolves from their shared love for mandolin family instruments. They take delight in the playful dialogue between their instruments, filled with happy harmonies, frivolous fills and colorful counterpoint. Each pulls out favorite tunes from their extensive repertoire to deliver a variety of traditional music together on mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, mandocello and dordan.