Jimmy Crowley

Jimmy Crowley: The Coast of Malabar


  • The Coast of Malabar
    • 2000 - Free State Records CD Cro 008 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Coast of Malabar
    2. The Girls of Ballytrapeen
    3. Lowlands Low
    4. The Hills of Isle au Haut
    5. St Brendan's Fair Isle
    6. East Ferry
    7. Fiddler's Green
    8. The Lady Leroy
    9. Titanic Queenstown
    10. My True Love She is Beautiful
    11. My Love is a Tall Ship
    12. The Wild Caribee
    13. The Balaena
    14. Sailortown

  • Musicians
    • Jimmy Crowley, Vocals, Bouzouki, Dordán, Mandolin, Mandola, Mando Cello
    • Tríona Ní Dhómhnaill, Vocals
    • Niall Ó Callanáin, Bouzouki, Mando Cello, Bouzouki-Bass
    • Mick Murphy, Mandolin
    • Ray Barron, Mandolin
    • Tony Canniffe, Vocals
    • Mary Canniffe, Backing Vocals
    • Tim Canniffe, Backing Vocals
    • Dermot Canniffe, Backing Vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced by Niall Ó Callanáin and Jimmy Crowley
    • Recorded at Ray Barron's Studio, Douglas, Cork

Excerpts from the sleeve notes:

"This album is a collection of the sea songs I love best and represents an ongoing body of work drawn from newly composed ballads to fresh arrangements of traditional ones.

…this album fulfils a twofold role, celebrating the romance of ships, boats and the power of the ocean over all our lives on the one hand and paying tribute to the great luthiers like Stefan Sobell, Joe Foley, Andy Manson, Dave Farmiloe, Oakwood bouzoukis …Ibanez and Washburn and the great craftsmen and innovators like Lloyd Loar who worked for the Gibson guitar and mandolin company in the States."

Jimmy Crowley, April 2000