The Fureys and Davey Arthur

The Fureys and Davey Arthur: Visions of Ireland


  • Visions of Ireland
    • 1984 - RTÉ NOIX 004 VHS
  • Track List:
    1. Instrumental (Trad./Arr. Fureys)
    2. Lonesome Boatman (Finbar Furey)
    3. Instrumental (Trad./Arr. Fureys)
    4. When you were Sweet Sixteen (Thornton Furey)
    5. Seige of a Nation (Mikis Theodracus)
    6. The Ould Man (Phil Coulter)

  • Musicians
    • Eddie Furey
    • Finbar Furey
    • Paul Furey
    • George Furey
    • Davey Arthur

Sleeve Notes

"Visions of Ireland" is the first series to introduce the cream of Irish musicians to the relatively new medium of video.

The musicians and singers featured in the "Visions of Ireland" series are household names to Irish people at home and abroad, and indeed all of them have proved remarkably popular with music lovers of all nationalities.

Between them these artists have sold millions of gramophone records and cassettes and filled concert halls throughout the world. Now through the medium of the music video you can experience the unique talents in your own home through magical performances which will bear repetition time and time again for many years to come.

The Furey Brothers & Davey Arthur have become one of the biggest attractions on the Irish Folk Scene. Their UK chart success "Sweet Sixteen" has brought them to a wider UK audience but they have long ago built a reputation in Europe, especially in West Germany and Holland as a folk group which has a particularly wide appeal. The group is made up of the brothers, Paul, George, Finbar & Eddie Furey and Davey Arthur.

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      • This album has been reissued several times.
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  • RTÉ's Festival Folk
    • This concert was part of the RTÉ's Festival Folk series, recorded at the National Stadium, Dublin.
    • Three [1, 2 & 3] volumes, featuring various artists, were released in 1982 & '83.
    • Full length albums of performances from these concerts were released by
    • Additionally, 30-minute "Vision of Ireland" videos (from these concerts) were released by these same artists.
    • The Dubliners released a much longer video, but no album.