Danny Doyle: Irish Startime


  • Irish Startime
    • 1979 - IST 4453 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Green Hills of Kerry [3]
    2. Old Dublin Town [5]
    3. Danny Boy [1]
    4. I Dream of Jeannie [1]
    5. The Shamrock Shore [1]
    6. On The Banks of Sweet Primroses [1]
  • Side Two
    1. Daisy a Day [2]
    2. The Town I Loved So Well [1]
    3. Dublin Jack of All Trades [1]
    4. Ben Bolt [3]
    5. Ellen O'Connor [3]
    6. The West's Awake [4]

Sleeve Notes

From "The Green Hills of Kerry" to the evocative Phil Coulter classic ballad of Derry "The Town I Loved So Well" and from Connaught's "West's Awake" to his native "Old Dublin Town" Irish star Danny Doyle takes you on a musical tour. The genial Danny with his distinctive sweet voice presents here a selection of his biggest hits. Danny Doyle and hit songs are synonymous and it's easy to see why when you listen to his chart topping "Daisy a Day", "Ben Bolt" and the afore mentioned "Green Hills of Kerry" But each song on this superb Startime series album bears the usual high stamp of individuality and quality that means the voice of Danny Doyle.

  • Alternate release
    • I Remember Dublin City: 1982 - Evergreen EVE 5004 LP
      • This is more or less a re-release of Irish Startime, with 4 additional tracks …