Danny Doyle: The Point (Irish Cast)


  • The Point (Irish Cast)
    • 1977 — Music Box MBLP004 LP
  • Side One
    1. Everything's Got 'em — Song
    2. The Town — Narration
    3. Me and My Arrow — Song — Danny Doyle
    4. The Game — Narration
    5. Poli High — Song
    6. The Trial and Banishment — Narration
    7. Think about your Troubles — Song
  • Side Two
    1. The Pointed Man — Narration
    2. Life Line — Song — Danny Doyle
    3. The Bird — Narration
    4. P.O.V. Waltz — Song
    5. The Clearing in the Woods — Narration
    6. Are You Sleeping — Song
    7. Oblios Return — Narration

  • Singers
  • Credits
    • Music: HARRY NILSSON ©
    • Arrangements: BILLY WHELAN
    • Cover Cartoon: TERRY WILLERS
    • Recorded: SOUND STUDIOS
    • Produced by DANNY DOYLE
    • (Danny Doyle appears by Courtesy of Galaxy Records)

Sleeve Notes

A long way from here, but not very far from now, there was a wonderful kingdom called the "LAND of POINT". And in this land everything the houses, the carts, the bridges and the barns, everything had a point, even the people. Everyone in the LAND of POINT, had a point on the top of his head, everyone that is with the exception of OBLIO. Although OBLIO was born to a set of normally pointed parents, and altho' he was physically perfect in every way, he was born without a point, he was round headed. As time passed OBLIO became aware of his uniqueness, and so did everyone else, which made life in the LAND of POINT rather uncomfortable. He became subject to the sometimes and unusual harrassment of his schoolmates. It wasn't easy being the only pointless person in the whole LAND of POINT. So he wore a pointed cap, to conceal his round head. Now the only real friend OBLIO had was his dog, ARROW.

"Me and My Arrow,
Straighter than Narrow.
Wherever we go.
Everyone knows it's Me and My Arrow."

The national pastime in the LAND of POINT, was a game called "TRIANGLE TOSS". This was a game for people with pointed heads. The object of the game was to toss a triangle as far as you could, and then run to the opposite end of the field and catch it on the point of your head. But since OBLIO had no point, he would throw a triangle, and his dog ARROW would jump on his shoulder, and they would run and ARROW would make the catch, using the point on his head. But there was one kid, the son of the evil COUNT, who was the KING'S right hand man, who insisted that OBLIO should not be allowed to play, because he did not have a pointed head. To settle the dispute it was decided to have a contest. If OBLIO won the triangle tossing contest, he would be allowed to play the national game without objection. Well, OBLIO, beat the COUNT'S SON, two out of three games, and when the COUNT heard of his sons defeat at the hands of this pointless OBLIO. he was outraged. Now the law of the land stated, that all people in the LAND of POINT, must have a point, and since OBLIO didn't have one, he was in violation of that law, for which the sentence was banishment. The KING, who was a good KING, had no choice to convene a tribunal. And when OBLIO'S case was reviewed they could only reach one conclusion, for OBLIO and ARROW, banishment from the LAND of POINT. TO THE POINTLESS FOREST.

Next day OBLIO and ARROW are banished to the POINTLESS FOREST, where all things are pointless and nothing is pointed. A strange, wild and wonderful place, where things are never heard and things are never seen. Where things are lost and never found. A fantasy land of fire, and thunder, of beating things, and hideous shrieks and silences so unnerving as to freeze your blood.

Here OBLIO and ARROW encounter the fantastic creatures who live in this strange place. "THE POINTED MAN", "THE ROCKMAN", "THE LEAFMAN", "THE BALLOON LADIES", "THE BALLOON MAN" and "NEW BIRD". The two travellers adventure on to their ultimate destiny, to a final showdown with the cruel COUNT. Play the album and follow OBLIO'S amazing adventure.

Danny began singing as a school chorister. He emigrated as a teenager, but returned to Dublin in 1966, and began singing seriously. He has made many world tours, and in particularly popular in France and Germany. He won the R.M.I. Best Male Vocalist award in 1970, and has fronted his own showband, and is now once again solo entertainer, with hundreds of television appearances to his credit "The Point" marks Danny's first appearance as an actor.

  • Notes
    • This is an original cast album of the Irish production of the Harry Nilsson musical, "The Point".
    • Appartently, it "was recorded before the show's brief run in Dublin and available for sale in the theatre after the show".
    • Produced by Danny Doyle, and issued on his own Music Box Record label.
    • This is a Danny Doyle album that I didn't know anything about.