Christy Moore: The Spirit of Freedom

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  • The Spirit of Freedom
    • 1985 - WEA IR 0840 LP
    • 1986 - Green Linnet SIF 3304 LP
    • 2007 - Rhino 5144-20900-2 CD
  • Side One
    1. Forever On My Mind (Pearse McLoughlin/Christy Moore)
    2. No Time For Love (Jack Warshaw)
    3. The Peoples Own M.P. (B. Scott)
    4. Deportee (W. Guthrie)
    5. Michael Gaughan (Seamus Robinson) [1]
    6. Grannies Dustbin Lid (Joe Mulhearn)
  • Side Two
    1. Dying Soldier (Y. Costello) [2]
    2. Boy From Tamlaghtduff (Christy Moore)
    3. McIlhatton (Sands/Bik.) [2]
    4. Jesus Christ & Jessie James (Brian Moore)
    5. Galtee Mountain Boy (Halloran/Moore)
    6. Back Home In Derry (Bobby Sands/Lightfoot) [2]

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  • Notes:
    1. "Michael Gaughan" (Take Me Home To Mayo) is credited on this album as "Anon".
      • It was if fact written by Seamus Robinson (RIP) of Belfast in the early seventies.
    2. Different versions of these songs appear on the Ride On album.

Apparently this album was recorded in 1983, but not released until 1985.
According to Christy Moore's website: "This album came about as the result of a trip I made to H Blocks. I left the Falls Road in a van that was clapped out. It was used daily to ferry prisoners families to and from the camp. I got the idea to try and raise money for a new van and that was the purpose of this album. WEA got to hear about it and sequestered it under terms of contract which is how it became Warners album which I had never wanted it to be."