Christy Moore: The Time Has Come

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  • The Time Has Come
    • 1983 - WEA IR 0150a LP
    • 1987 - WEA 2292-40150-2 CD
  • Time Has Come/ Ordinary Man
    • 2008 - Atlantic/WEA 5046-67267-2 CD (Double Pack)
  • Side One
    1. The Knock Song (Christy Moore)
    2. Faithful Departed (Philip Chevron)
    3. Nancy Spain (Barney Rush)
    4. Lanigans Ball
    5. All I Remember (Mick Hanly)
    6. Lakes Of Pontchartrain
    7. Don't Forget Your Shovel (Christie Hennessy)
  • Side Two
    1. The Wicklow Boy (Christy Moore)
    2. The Time Has Come (Chirsty Moore/ Dónal Lunny)
    3. Go Move Shift (Ewan McColl)
    4. Curragh Of Kildare (Robert Burns/Christy Moore)
    5. Sacco and Vanzetti (Woody Guthrie)
    6. Section 31 (Christy Moore)
    7. Only Our River Run Free (Michael McConnell)

  • Musicians
    • Christy Moore: Vocals, Guitar, Bodhràn
    • Dónal Lunny: Vocals, Guitar, Bodhràn, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Percussion, Good Vibes
    • Mandy Murphy: Additional Vocals
  • Credits
    • Producer: Dónal Lunny, Christy Moore
    • Engineer: Brian Masterson
    • Recorded: Windmill Lane, Dublin
    • Photos: Brian Bourke


I have two (vinyl) versions of this record that are exactly the same in every way — cover, catalog number, etc. — expect one doesn't contain "The Knock Song".