The Abbey Tavern Singers

The Abbey Tavern Singers: The Abbey Tavern Singers On Tour

  • The Abbey Tavern Singers On Tour
    • 1968 – Arc ACM 5010 LP
    • 1970 - Spin RGS 3011 LP
  • Side One
    1. Ireland Boys Hurrah — Vocal: John O'Brien, Margaret Monks and Mary Sheehan
    2. The Ole Alarm Clock — Group
    3. Danny Boy — Vocal: Mary Sheehan
    4. Banish Misfortune — Instrumental
    5. I Know My Love — Vocal: Margaret Monks
    6. Enniskillen Dragoon — Group
  • Side Two
    1. The Dublin Fusileers — Group
    2. Come To The Bower — Vocal: Margaret Monks
    3. First House In Connaught/Green Groves Of Erin — Instrumental
    4. Carrick Fergus — Vocal: Mary Sheehan
    5. The Sash — Group

  • Musicians
    • Mary Sheehan: vocals
    • Margaret Monks: vocals
    • Brian O'Rourke: vocals & banjo
    • John O'Brien: vocals & guitar
    • Bill Powers: banjo-mandolin
    • Tommy Rick: Illin [ sic] pipes
    • Seamus Gallagher: fiddle
    • Paddy Joseph "P.J." Downes: spoons
  • Credits
    • Audio and Mastering: Bay Recording Studios, Toronto
    • Executive Producer: Phil G. Anderson
    • Audio Mix: Gary Starr
    • Photo by Peter Brown at the Skylon Tower overlooking Niagara Falls

Sleeve Notes

When Ireland's musical ambassadors, the world renowned ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS go on tour, word of their beguiling charm, gracious manner and immense talent goes out before them. In cosmopolitan and provincial cities, towns big and small, peaceful villages and bright hamlets, confirmation of their imminent appearance excites and enthralls one and all.

Proof of the Singers' outstanding in-person appeal in widely different environments are the receptions afforded them in two Ontario cities dining their recent North American tour. In Peterborough, a small but progressive southeastern city a school auditorium served as concert hall. Working on this informal stage the ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS thoroughly delighted two overflow audiences in one afternoon and for months following the engagement were the "talk of the town". In the provincial capital Toronto, in that city's famous Royal York Hotel, the 'establishment' Imperial Room showcased the Singers and in doing so broke an attendance record of eight years standing. At extra concerts in the hotel and at Massey Hall the group played to "standing room only". And so it was the country over, in Canada, in the United States — everywhere the Singers went the crowds were sure to go.

This recording includes the songs, ballads, jigs and reels that unfailingly "stop the show" on ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS tours. It will surely delight (he thousands of people who cherish fond memories of an evening with the Singers and no less beguile those hearing their unique sound — the voices, the Illin [ sic] Pipes, the fiddle, spoons and banjo-mandolin — for the first time.

The ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS were formed in 1962 when Mrs. (Minnie) Scott-Lennon of the Abbey Tavern in Howth, Dublin decided that musicians and balladeers performing in a relaxed sing-along manner would be popular. Within a short time the newly formed Singers were drawing capacity crowds into the Howth establishment. In 1966 a solid Irish rouser WE'RE OFF TO DUBLIN IN THE GREEN featuring the Singers was released on TV as a beer advertisement. This ad created by Carling Breweries Ltd. increased the group's popularity many times over and indeed in Canada listening to the ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS fast became the new national past-time. This song-come-jingle was then released on record by the Singers and became an international hit. Shortly thereafter the ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS toured North America and charmed the continent.

THE ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS ON TOUR is the Singers' third album. Their first was WE'RE OFF TO DUBLIN IN THE GREEN, their second YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IRISH. An exciting footnote to this latest release is the recently received word that the rollicking, raucous, outrageously entertaining ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS are about to embark on another North American Tour.

Watch for their appearance in your town and before and after enjoying their in-person charm, delight to the recorded splendour of the ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS ON TOUR.

This recording includes the ballads, jigs and reels that unfailingly "stop the show" on ABBEY TAVERN SINGERS tours. John O'Brien, Mary Sheehan and Margaret Monks start things off with the rousing IRELAND BOYS HURRAH. This lively tune is followed by the group's rendition of the comic OLE ALARM CLOCK, which in turn gives way to Mary Sheehan's hauntingly beautiful interpretation of Erin's most affecting love song DANNY BOY. The mythical, hard-pressed DUBLIN FUSILIERS are not forgotten nor is the ENNISKILLEN DRAGOON.

The tender ballads COME TO THE BOWER and CARRICK FERGUS are exquisitely sung by Margaret and Mary respectively and lead to the concert's grand finale THE SASH — a staunch Orange song sung with fine irony by the group.

Undoubtedly this album will delight the thousands of people who cherish memories of an evening with the Singers and no less beguile those hearing their unique sound — the voices, the Illin [ sic] piper, the fiddle, spoons and banjo-mandolin — for the first time.