the Irish Rovers

Ramblers & Gamblers - 20 All Time Irish Favourites
1997—Carlton ATM-1086 CD


Track List:
No Nay Never
Wild Mountain Thyme
I'm A Rambler I'm A Gambler
The Last Of The Irish Rover
The Unicorn (S. Silverstein)
Good Luck To The Barleymow
The Isle Of Innishfree
The Gypsy Rover
My Boy Willie
The Orange And The Green (A. Murphy)
Liverpool Lou (D. Behan)
Calton Weaver
Mountain Tay (S. McCarthy)
Turra Market
Sweet Strabane
Come By The Hills (W. G. Smith)
Tied Up With A Black Velvet Band
Whiskey On A Sunday (G. Hughes)
Star Of The County Down
Wasn't That A Party (T. Paxton)


George Millar
Jimmy Ferguson
Joe Millar
Wilcil McDowell
Kevin McKeown
John Reynolds
Wallace Hood

This is a compilation of previously-released material—all from "Irish Rovers Gems"…

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