the Irish Rovers

The Rovers
1980—Attic LAT 1095 LP


Side One

Mexican Girl (Chris Norman & Pete Spencer)

Yo Yo Man (Marty Cooper & Rick Cunha )

Tara (Jud Strunk)

Matchstick Men (Michael Coleman & Brian Burke)

Pheasant Plucker's Son (John B. Taylor)

Side Two

Wasn't That A Party (Tom Paxton)

Fireflyte (Bonnie Murray)

Movie Cowboys (George Millar) / Happy Trails To You (Dale Evans)

Victory Chimes (Jud Strunk)

Here's To The Horses (Rory Bourke, Gene Dobbins & Hugh Moffat)


Will Millar
George Millar
Jimmy Ferguson
Joe Millar
Wicil McDowell

Produced by Jack Richardson for JAR Productions
Recorded at Pinewood Studios, Vancouver and Soundstage, Toronto
Mixed at Soundstage, Toronto
Recording Engineer: David Greene
Assistant Engineers: Ringo Hrycyna & Allan Perkins

Vancouver Strings and horns arranged by Allan MacMillan
Additional musicians were
Peter Clarke: bass
Daryl Burgess: drums, percussion
David Sinclair: electric guitar
Doug Riley: piano
Steve Kennedy: tenor saxophone
Brian Leonard: marimba, glocken spiel, horses hooves
Ian Thomas (courtesy of Anthem Records) and Robert Armes: back up vocals

Photograph by Joseph Lederer

Alternate releases

Wasn't That A Party: 1980 - EPIC JE 37107 LP

… Balladeers notes

The Rovers and Wasn't That A Party are the Canadian and US releases (respectively) of the same album—same songs, different covers.

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