Travellers and fellow Travellers - Keepers of the flame


  • Travellers and fellow Travellers - Keepers of the flame
    • 2006 - Pavee Point PPCD002 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Travelling People Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott
    2. The Fox Chase — Felix Doran
    3. Green Grow the Rushes — Kitty Cassidy
    4. The Sally Gardens/The Bird in the Bush/Rakish Paddy/The Sligo Maid — Paddy and Stephen Rainey
    5. Travelling Lady Finbar Furey
    6. An Chúilfhionn and the Flogging Reel — John Doherty
    7. Are There Any Travellers in Heaven Sean Tyrrell
    8. Craig's Pipes — John Rooney
    9. Sullivan's John Pecker Dunne
    10. Strike the Gay Harp/Jimmy Ward's/Doberman's Wallet — Mickey Dunne
    11. Anach Cuain — Finbar Furey
    12. James Morrison's/Byrne's — Christy Dunne
    13. The Home I left Behind — Mary Frances Keenan
    14. The Steampacket/Miss McLeod's Paddy Keenan
    15. Gypsy — Bohinta


Music and song have always been important to Traveller life and culture. This collection, which includes some of the best examples of recorded music and song by Travellers, is being released as part of Pavee Point's twentieth anniversary celebrations.

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