O'Flaherty's Rescue


  • O'Flaherty's Rescue
    • 2005 - Tarrtála Records 522463 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Hard Times Come Again No More Cherish the Ladies
    2. The Man from Connemara Robbie O'Connell
    3. The Long Woman's Grave Tommy Makem
    4. Hallowed Ground Eric Bogle
    5. Blarney Roses Danny Doyle
    6. Newtown/Hamilton Fair set — Sean Quinn
    7. The Lakes of Pontchartrain — Mary Courtney
    8. Shannon Road — Gabriel Donohue
    9. Woman of the House set — Donna Long
    10. Summertime Is Coming (Oro') Aoife Clancy
    11. Siochain san Domhain — Danny O'Flaherty
    12. Geese in the Bog set Tannahill Weavers
    13. Gaelic mouth music — Fiona Kennedy
    14. Creel of Perches set — Brian Conway
    15. Blow the Candle Out/Bangbrollaigh reel — Karen Mal
    16. My Heaven — Laurie McClain
    17. Parting Glass — Danny Quinn
    18. Those Saints — Black 47


A compilation by some of the finest Irish musicians in America, who have offered their music in support of Danny O'Flaherty and his work in supporting, preserving, and advancing the culture of the Celtic nations.