Long Journey Home


  • Long Journey Home
    • 1998 - BMG 09026 68963 2 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Shenandoah — Van Morrison & Paddy Moloney
    2. Main Theme — The Irish Film Orchestra, The Chieftains, Gearóid Grant
    3. Paddy's Lamentation/Ships Are Sailing — Mary Black, Paddy Moloney, Eamonn Campbell, Mairtín O'Connor, Paddy Glackin
    4. Emigration Theme — The Chieftains, The Irish Film Orchestra, Fiachra Trench, Gearóid Grant
    5. The Bard of Armagh/The Streets of Laredo — Vince Gill, Paul Leim, Michael Rhodes, John Jarvis, Stuart Duncan, Paddy Moloney, Seán Keane, Derek Bell
    6. Skibbereen — Sinéad O'Connor, Derek Bell, Matt Molloy, The Irish Film Orchestra
    7. The Night That Larry Was Stretched - Jig (instrumental version of song and jig) — The Chieftains, Johnny Cunningham, Seamus Egan, Zan McLeod, Jim Higgins
    8. White Potatoes — Liam O'Maonlai, Paddy Moloney
    9. Famine Theme — Derek Bell, Paddy Moloney, The Irish Film Orchestra, Gearóid Grant
    10. Muldoon, The Solid Man/Grandfather's Tune Mick Moloney, Paddy Moloney, Eileen Ivers, John Whelan
    11. An Raibh Tú Ag An gCarraig — Sissel, The Chieftains, Annbjorg Lien, Bjorn Ole Rasch, Per Hillestad
    12. O'Carolan's Farewell To Music — Derek Bell, The Irish Film Orchestra, Gearóid Grant
    13. Bean Pháidín — Kevin Conneff
    14. O'Donnell's Lament/The Reel With The Beryle — Eileen Ivers, Paddy Moloney
    15. American Theme — Paddy Moloney, Joanie Madden, Jerry O'Sullivan, Kim Plainfield, Richard O'Donnell, Martin Matrustry, The Irish Film Orchestra, Gearóid Grant
    16. Long Journey Home (Anthem) — Elvis Costello

  • Musicians
    • Mary Black: Vocals
    • The Chieftains
      • Derek Bell: Harp
      • Kevin Conneff: Vocals, Bodhrán
      • Martin Fay: Fiddle
      • Matt Molloy: Flute
      • Paddy Moloney: uillean pipes, tin whistle
      • Seán Keane: Fiddle
    • Elvis Costello: Vocals
    • Vince Gill: Vocals
    • Van Morrison: Vocals
    • Sinéad O'Connor: Vocals
    • Liam Ó Maonlaí: Vocals
    • Sissel Kyrkjebø: Vocals
    • The Irish Film Orchestra: Performing Ensemble
    • Anúna: Choir, Chorus
    • Annbjørg Lien: Fiddle
    • Arty McGlynn: Guitar
    • Bjorn Ole Rasch
    • Dave Flemming: Double Bass, Upright Bass
    • Eamonn Campbell: Guitar, Mandolin
    • Eileen Ivers: Fiddle
    • Fiachra Trench: Organ, Piano, Conductor, Hammond Organ
    • Gearóid Grant: Conductor
    • James Blennerhassett: Double Bass, Upright Bass
    • James Higgins: Percussion, Bodhrán
    • Jerry O'Sullivan: Pipes
    • Joanie Madden: Whistle
    • John Jarvis: Piano
    • John Whelan: Accordion
    • Johnny Cunningham: Fiddle
    • Kim Plainfield: Drums
    • Lawrence Feldman: Recorder
    • Liam Bradley: Drums
    • Mairtín O'Connor: Accordion
    • Martin Matrustry: Timpani
    • Michael McGlynn: Choir Master
    • Michael Rhodes: Bass
    • Mick Moloney: Guitar, Vocals
    • Paddy Glackin: Fiddle
    • Paul Leim: Drums
    • Per Hillestad: Percussion
    • Richard O'Donnell
    • Robbie Casserly: Drums
    • Seamus Egan: Banjo
    • Sharon Riley: Choir, Chorus
    • Stuart Duncan: Mandolin
    • Zan McLeod: Bouzouki, Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Paddy Moloney & Brian Keane
    • Arrangers: Brian Keane & Michael McGlynn
    • Orchestration: Brian Keane & Fiachra Trench
    • Engineers: Kevin Doyle, Jeffrey Lesser, Brian Masterson & Matt Knobel
    • Art Direction: Ryan & James O'Mara
    • Liner Notes by Thomas Lennon


Original score for the film 'The Irish in America: Long Journey Home' a film by Thomas Lennon. The film was charged with telling the story of the Irish in America, and Paddy Moloney as Composer, Performer and Executive Music Producer brought some amazing acts together to put musical voice to the old stories: Sinéad O' Connor, Van Morrison, Liam O Maonlaí, Mary Black, Vince Gill, Eileen Ivers, and Elvis Costello. Said Paddy Moloney when approached about taking on board a year's work for the film when working on two other albums at the same time: "I have to do this … Its's part of me."

'Long Journey Home' won a Grammy award for 'Best Traditional Folk Album' in 1998.