The Celtic Heartbeat Collection 2


  • The Celtic Heartbeat Collection 2
    • 1998 - Celtic Heartbeat UMD 53122 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Riverdance — Bill Whelan
    2. The Flower Of Maherally — Anúna
    3. Compassion — The Spirit Of Eden
    4. Eanáir — Lúnasa
    5. The Sky Road — Frances Black
    6. Patsy Denning Set — Luke Daniels
    7. Home — Sean Keane
    8. The Child Deirdre — Mychael & Jeff Danna
    9. North & South Of The River Christy Moore, Bono & The Edge
    10. Legend Of Cuan — The Spirit Of Eden
    11. Mna Na Heireann — Kate Bush
    12. Sean Deora — Kíla
    13. He Moved Through The Fair — Sinéad O'Connor


"North and South of the River"
Christy Moore, Bono and the Edge collaborated on writing the song "North and South of the River". In 1995, Christy Moore recorded the song, and Bono and the Edge recorded backing vocals for the song. This was released as a stand alone single.

In 1996, Christy released his album, Graffiti Tongue which included an acoustic version of "North and South of the River". This version did not contain the backing vocals by Bono and the Edge, and was a much more stripped down version of the song.

The version featuring Bono and the Edge is included on this compilation.

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