S.T.U.C. Centenary Album: If It Wisnae For The Union


  • S.T.U.C. Centenary Album: If It Wisnae For The Union
    • 1997 - Greentrax CDTRAX 5005 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Four Stone Walls — Capercaillie
    2. Both Sides the Tweed — Dick Gaughan
    3. Ravenscraig — Runrig
    4. If It Wisnae For the Union Hamish Imlach
    5. Bawbee Birlin' — Gordeanna McCulloch
    6. James Connolly Christy Moore [1]
    7. North by North Arthur Johnstone
    8. The Contract Eric Bogle
    9. Gauteng — Mara Louw
    10. I Am the Common Man — Battlefield Band
    11. The Blantyre Explosion Ewan MacColl
    12. Farewell Tae the Haven The McCalmans
    13. Sell Your Labour, Not Your Soul — Brian McNeill
    14. Three Nights and a Sunday Matt McGinn
    15. Mothers, Daughters, Wives — Judy Small
    16. Te Recuerdo Amanda — Victor Jara
    17. Stand Together — Ceolbeg


1. "Christy (Moore) says of the song, 'The lyric was written by Patrick Galvin - I don't know the source of the music. This is an incomplete lyric - I used to sing a longer version in the sixties. I felt privileged when asked to sing on this compilation and I felt this song would be apt given that Connolly first saw the light of day in 'Auld Reekie'. James Connolly was born in Edinburgh in 1868 and executed in Dublin in 1916. - Christy recorded this track specially for the album. (Notes If It Wisnae for the Union - STUC Centenary Album)"

Source: Susanne Kalweit & Henry Kochlin at My Songbook