Sandy Bell's Ceilidh

  • Sandy Bell's Ceilidh - From Edinburgh's Famous Folk Bar
    • 1979 - Alba MAR 056 LP
    • 2006 - Greentrax GMP8010 CD — "Celtic Collections Volume 10"
  • Side One
    1. Hornpipes: An Comhra Donn/The Galway Hornpipe/The Strand — Bell's Big Ceilidh Band
    2. John Barleycorn The McCalmans
    3. Fort Charlotte & Calum Donaldson — Aly Bain
    4. The Lea Rig — Chorda
    5. The Cruel Brother — Dick Gaughan
    6. Lowlands Away — Bell's Chorus
  • Side Two
    1. Sandy Bell's Man — Liz and Maggie Cruickshank
    2. Kirsteen The McCalmans
    3. Crossing the Minch — Aly Bain
    4. Johnny Sangster — Chorda
    5. Sleepytoon — Dick Gaughan
    6. Doon In the Wee Room — Bell's Chorus
    7. The Lilting Fisherman/Lough Gowna/Sweet Biddy Daly — Bell's Big Ceilidh Band

  • Musicians
    • The McCalmans: Ian McCalman, Hamish Bayne and Derek Moffat
    • Aly Bain
    • Chorda
    • Dick Gaughan
    • Liz and Maggie Cruickshank
    • Bell's Big Ceilidh Band:
      • Mandolin: Jimmy Elliot
      • Whistle: Jimmy Greenan
      • Tenor Banjo: Jock Brown
      • Fiddles: Adam Jack, Ian Hardy, Peter McClements
      • Concertina: Norman Chalmers
      • Guitars: Iain McNair, Allan Johnstone
      • Bass: Roy Martin
      • Bodhráns: John Croall, David Baillie
    • Bell's Chorus: Thirty regulars of Sandy Bell's Bar in good voice.
  • Credits
    • Produced by John MacKinnon
    • Recorded at the Forrest Hill Bar (Sandy Bell's) and at Pan-Audio Studios in Edinburgh 1977
    • Sound Engineer: Colin Nicolson
    • Assistants: David Greive and Sandy Wilkie
    • Sleeve Design and Artwork: Jonathan Field at Pan-Graphics, Edinburgh
    • Photography: Scott Ballantyne.
    • Executive Producer: SANDY BELL'S BROADSHEET with kind assistance from SCOTTISH and NEWCASTLE BREWERIES, EDINBURGH
    • The McCalmans perform on this record by courtesy of Transatlantic Records

Sleeve Notes

When folksingers and musicians visit Edinburgh, their first port of call is invariably Sandy Bells, or, to give it it's proper title, the Forrest Hill Bar, in Forrest Road. From all parts of the world they come, the famous and the unknown, to listen to or join in with the sort of music and song which is provided on this album by some of the regulars in the bar Until a few years ago, the respected Danish folk-lorist Thorkild Knudsen was one such regular, and he said: "Sandy Bell's is unique. Nowhere else in the world is there a place where the folk music of a country is carried on in a similar manner. Someone should make a long-playing record of it." This is it.

© 1974 Alba Records