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  • Lah-Di-Dah
    • 1991 - EMI ‎CDP 7 96271 2/CD-IDL 115 CD
    • 1991 - EMI TC-IDL 115/7 96271 4 Cassette
  • Track List
    1. Lah-Di-Dah
    2. On Again! On Again!
    3. Country Bus
    4. Worried Brown Eyes
    5. The Cactus
    6. Jolly Captain
    7. Caroline Diggeby–Pratte
    8. Brother Gorilla (Le Gorille) (Brassens, Thackray)
    9. Sophie
    10. Personal Column
    11. Jumble Sale
    12. Family Tree
    13. Isobel Makes Love Upon National Monuments
    14. Bantam Cock
    15. The Statues
    16. Sister Josephine
    17. Isobel
    18. The Last Will and Testament of Jake Thackray
    19. The Kiss
    20. The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle
    21. Ulysees
    22. Grandad

  • Credits
    • All tracks: Words & Music by Jake Thackray, unless otherwise noted.
  • Notes
    • Tracks: 19-22 only appear on the CD release.
    • Some sources list a vinyl release, but I have not been able to verify this …

CD Release Notes

Released in 1991, at a time when Jake Thackray's legend was at its lowest–ever ebb, Lah Di Dah was a barely noticed collection of 22 songs drawn from throughout the master's EMI catalog, and truly highlighting many of his most memorable compositions. From "Sister Josephine" to "The Cactus," from "Brother Gorilla" to "Bantam Cock" and on, of course, to the title track, Lah Di Dah spotlights Thackray at both his most lugubriously earthy, and his most touchingly tender. It is not the ultimate in Thackray collections — too many classics are absent for that (no "Old Molly Metcalfe" or "The Blacksmith and the Toffee Maker," for example). But it took Thackray's death over a decade later to finally prompt the reissue gates to spring open and, until that time, this was as good as it got.

Dave Thompson