The Pogues: Streams Of Whiskey — Live In Leysin, Switzerland 1991

  • Streams Of Whiskey — Live In Leysin, Switzerland 1991
    • 2002 - Sanctuary CMRCD388 CD
    • 2004 - Earmark 42037 LP (x2)
  • Side One
    1. Streams Of Whiskey (MacGowan)
    2. If I Should Fall From Grace With God (MacGowan)
    3. Boys From The County Hell (MacGowan)
    4. Young Ned Of The Hill (Kavana/Woods)
  • Side Two
    1. Rain Street (MacGowan)
    2. Sayonara (MacGowan)
    3. Battle Of Brisbane (MacGowan)
    4. The Body Of An American (MacGowan)
  • Side Three
    1. Summer In Siam (MacGowan)
    2. Thousands Are Sailing (Chevron)
    3. Sunnyside Of The Street (Finer)
    4. Dirty Old Town (MacColl)
  • Side Four
    1. The Sickbed Of Cuchulainn (MacGowan)
    2. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (MacGowan)
    3. Fiesta (Kötscher, Finer, Lindt)
    4. Sally MacLennane (MacGowan)

  • Credits
    • Recorded Live in Leysin, Switzerland — July 1991
    • Producer & Project Coordinator: Antony Amos & Steve Hammonds
    • Executive Producer: Ken Caillat & John Trickett
    • Mastering: Charlie Watts
    • Mixing: Ken Ramos & Kristian Storli
    • Design: Becky Stewart
    • Graphic Design: Chuck Ybarra
    • Sleeve Notes: Alan Robinson
    • Photography: Ian Dickson, David Redferns & Rex Features

The following is posted on the band's website:
"This album has been released without the permission, and contrary to the wishes of the band. It is a not great quality recording from a Swiss festival (July 12, 1991), recorded from a radio broadcast and previously available as a bootleg. The deputy drummer is Danny Heatley, who later played with The Popes."